Saturday, 17 January 2015

UCAS and the Lack of Skeletons in my Closets.

Haló peeps, I have been working on a story for today based off a dream I had but its not working out the way I want it to do so instead I'm just going to talk at you like I normally do. I'll definitely post a story next week as I have a scheme that definitely going happen.

I have sent my UCAS away. It gone and out there. Three University have sent me confirmation that they have got it and my favourite told me that I should hear in 28 days their decision. Yay and terrifying. I already have the grades to get in so it all on my personal statement and they might hate me. One implied that they don't start looking at people till the UCAS deadline (which was last Thursday). The other is probably going to want to see my face before they'll accept me.

Two have yet to acknowledge me in email which is worrying as I'm meant to be sending one a online Portfolio and they need to send me a link thing to do it. Is my portfolio done to upload to them? Why No. Not the set of questions or the 5 minute videos. I have nothing to give. Scary as their portfolio deadline is ten days away so I should work on that in a panicky maner.

College is important but hard to concentrate on right now, but I should be panicking about certain aspects of that. I am not enjoying these new higher things at all.

I've been spending too much time daydreaming about going to Uni instead of doing the actual work for it which is bad. Even if this procrastination has been somewhat productive as I now have list of what I'll need for Uni and I'm just going to give people that when they ask what I want for my birthday so no fun items for me except for the fact that 'Maybe' part of that list contains a Life size skeleton (and chapper board). You might be thinking "Why would I want a Life size human skeleton for Uni?"

Well, I think Stella (yes, I've name it in my head) and I could have a lot of fun together and it would give me a lot funny jokes. I could hide in closets and under the bed. My parents worry I'll be lonely, I can just I have Stella. Also she would probably be handy for films as well and I would definitely use her for my YouTube channels. I'm actually tempt to start funraising for her but not sure what the best method would be. I'm tempted to start a Patreon but that's more a monthly thing to support artists/content makers and while that would be cool I don't think anyone would want to support me monthly to gain my dream of a full life size skeleton and me not to having find a normal job.

I've actually wanted a skull for a while to sit on the mantle (I have a mantle piece in my room that mostly covered by the wardrobe that hides the old fireplace). I'm not going to lie, Sherlock put the idea into my head of actually going out and getting a skull. Also my high school had one sitting on the desk. By the way, I want a fake one. I'm not going to go out and dig up a dead body. Not about to do a Frankenstein here.

I'm not sure if I would call it Stella but I would probably name it a girl's name. Seriously I think I'm going to make a Patron because it will be fun and be way to get money together even if I just end up just being used to make a Video fund. I mean like I'll use the money I get from people to do video ideas that would cost me to do, like say buying a full Life Skeleton.

Not sure. Also can I just say that is really hard to find a Full size human Skeleton, most of them are at least half the size and that's no good for me. If I had it now, I would sit in the corner of my room or place in on my brother's bed and wait for him to find it.  I could also use it to become Tumblr Famous as they really like Skeletons over there.

I'm off to do something productive instead of daydreaming about a skeleton.

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