Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Re-Writes in the High Street

I originally wrote this post in a Waterstones, which one of the two reasons it was a shame it was lost. The other obviously being that I had to rewrite this. I hate when I lose work, especially when it should have saved automatically. It basically went something like this. Or nothing like this.

I have been here for over a week. I have now enrolled in uni and I have a uni card where the picture is really off centre. It was meant to be passport photo, but couldn't have a white black ground. If you just happen to have a passport photo lying around like I did, you couldn't just scan it. It's not the worst ID photo I've had, or develop in to the worst ID photo I will ever take. That goes to my driving Licence's photo. I look like a Serial Killer, that won't do when I'm thinking of poisoning people in my residence.

I am sick. It's either Freshers Flu or Cat Flu. One of my cats is sick. She had this croaky meow when I went home on Thursday for a thing and has been vomiting. Poor Mandela. She going to the vet on Monday if she still ill. I personally, have a sore throat and the left side of my nose is blocked. I hate not being able to breath properly.

Last night I almost went to a 24-hour store at Midnight to get breathing stuff as the inhaler wasn't helping a lot. Though, I managed to get to sleep after wandering about for a few hours. I do miss wandering about at night, which reminds me of a video I am yet to edit. So far I'm sucking on keeping on top of stuff even though class hasn't started yet. I think part of it is that I fell like I have to be doing stuff even when nothing is going on, so I worry and do nothing.

I hope I'll be better once I get into the swing of stuff. Until then, I'll continue to read in the union and finish books on a Thursday. Its like a thing the past three weeks at least. I'll will do my best to read.
During induction, we were told it was important that we read. Not told what, so I'm going to assume that has nothing to with films and we should be reading random library books from my local library.

I had to pick my opinion module when I enrolled. I wish we could have waited till half way through trimester or you know tried our courses before we made our decisions as both are continuation of first Trimester courses. I picked writing over studying fandoms and the things those fandoms are fans.
I know a lot about cult films over and it would be possible learn more by myself and the internet. However, you can't really improve as writer by yourself. You need other people, how bad you are.

With that, I am now leaving to lie in bed. You know this hardcore student living takes troll.

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