Saturday, 14 November 2015

61 Sleepless Spiders

It once again Saturday and my sleeping pattern is a mystery I can't sort. I do not have enough energy to take the Sherlock approach of never sleeping but then passing out of days possibly. Though, I have basically been doing the passing out bit. My brain doesn't like me or sleep for the required number before waking me up, even on days that I have no reason to get out bed.

This alarming, but I also don't currently have the will to try and talk to a GP about something that can't be proved by a single test. This whole Austism thing isn't over yet and I can't begin to explore the messed up side of brain.

I do have bad sleep habits, but I can't sleep in the dark and if I'm bored, I won't go to sleep. I can't find my ipod so it's difficult to listen to music to sleep. I also think I lost my glass permanently but don't want to talk to the reception to ask about the potential of a lost and found being a thing.

I haven't been doing NaNoWriMo but I did have a shot of inspiration at 3am and wrote till 5, because sleep doesn't come when creativity is rolling along in your mind. I probably get most of my ideas when sleep deprived and trying to sleep. Also just straight up movie dreams.

Uni is stressfully because people are stressful. Also all these deadlines are up in the air and I just haven't dealt with them in the best way which is not help with missing the same class twice because of my whole no sleep thing or sleeping till the end of the world thing my brain has going on. I should probably email my tutor because I don't buy that I missed nothing in those two sections.

I think of my group had a Skype call during Children in Need. Well, I wasn't told and I have no interest to verbally talk to them during Children in Need, I have no regrets about it. I stand by it's dumb to it by Skype. Especially, with messenger you have evidence of what was said and therefore don't need to make notes of it.

On the funner, irresponsible side of things. I brought £15.25 worth of Cadbury Crunchy Spiders today. Frankly, I think the store never put them out till right before Halloween and that's why they had ton of them still. I brought 61 spiders. It doesn't look that much, but all the sums tell me it that ridiculous number. I'm going to have so much fun till 26. February 2016 when they go out of date.

I really like them as a source of chocolate, but they really just a bad replacement for the Cadbury Mint Crisp which I google to around to get that name and turns out you can buy it still in Ireland or something which does not make sense when the Cadbury factory is in England. I having literally just found this out, I now now must buy a bar to see if actually the same as the bars I got addicted to during first year.

I will type next week. I never mentioned France in this post (until now), but I never mention the terrorist attacks that happen every week. I have thoughts obvious, but I don't have the words to put them into concrete, so I'll leave it to others till my cerement hardens or I have something valid to say.

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