Saturday, 21 November 2015

Let's go live in a Hole

I am officially Autistic. A panel of expectors say so. Apparently, even before I went through that test thing it was obvious. So I set things on fire for nothing. I'm applying for PIP, because a job is a thing I have not been ever able to get and with my life of filming stuff and writing essays badly, it's even harder. All the part time jobs I've found, are just not for people who have lives or just straight up clash with my classes.

I am currently done with people. My sleep pattern doesn't even make sense anymore. I got to sleep at 8pm or something on Wednesday. Was woken up several times by body to go to the toliet every two hours, which isn't even how often I go when I stay up all night and stare at the celling. Okay, it's the wall I stare at.

Uni isn't going well.I have been having problems writing. Fictional I can drag out of me. However, critical essay, I can't find what I'm being asked to do. Even talking it through, I still can't. One of them I feel I'm doing something wrong. The other I have no clue how I'm meant to drag it past three hundred words. I also we're meant to talk about the success of it when it just failure and mistakes. It somewhat works, but it's trash.

That's the thing I made. The script is fine, though we should have a reading of it to make sure it worked being spoken out loud. The acting was good, mostly. Lines should have been said though.

I am critical. Things should be good. Everything else in tolerable. Though, I'm more acceptable of my wring. Maybe because that less work and just a case of slamming keys.

I'm going to a 21st Birthday party tonight. I've been avoiding people so this should be interesting. I have tons to do this weekend so seeing the family would not have been something I would have done. No family visits till Christmas, which is three weeks for me.

Until then, you will get magical post about my desperate need to do something limitless. Also fix this damn sleeping patterns. Drugs ain't working.

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