Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Book Review: Allies & Assassins: A conspiracy of Princes by Justin Stomper

I declare myself Queen of Achenfield. Because a Queen outranks a Prince, so that's a inconsistency.

In seven days, the princedom of Archenfield will be invaded by its deadly rival. In a race against time, Prince Jared must cross the border and recruit what strategic alliances he can.

As the Prince and his team rides out, his cousin Axel Blaxland launches his own bid for the throne. Each member of the Council of Twelve falls prey to manipulation as rivalries begin to emerge and Asta Peck, newest member of the Twelve, finds herself plunged into conspiracy. She resolves to fight on Prince Jared's behalf until he is able to defend himself.In a game of power, only the strongest will survive.

Welcome back to Archenfield. Trust no-one.

I don't what it is about this series, but I can't read the books unless I have break from it. This time, it was a personal choice, not dictated by deadlines (not ones I couldn't get out of).

This book is nothing but politics. I was expecting an interesting battle of wits or violence. However, all I got was people lying to each other or petty secrets. Yes, some politics are necessary. It just goes on and with it being the whole book it was too much. In terms, of the real world, I had enough of politics at this point and was not looking for book to be so dominated by it. I'm sure there is someone out there, who would love this book because it's swords and politics but I didn't.

I started plotted possible deaths for these characters. I stopped liking the characters and just became a game of guessing how they would messed up. There was gayness. Sort of. Hinted at. I just stopped caring about the characters the more I got through the book. I was annoyed so much by the characters and their actions were clearly dumb. Obvious betrayal is obvious.

Overall, I gave this novel three out of five stars for pointless votes. I really don't see myself finishing this series. I'm still half interested in this world, but I struggled to get through both of the books in the series, so that makes me doubt that the third book would be easier/better read for me.

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