Saturday, 5 January 2013

HELLOOOO 2013 (Goals for this year)

Hi, so I went shopping today. It was a challenge to leave the house, due to sleeping till noon and people refusing to leave their beds. So I have new clothes but more importantly lovely new books.

However, this post is not about that.Its about what goals I have for this year. Trufully, there're not that different from last year and I've went through them on my book/vlog channal ( ). Well, some of them. HERE ARE ALL THEM NOW:
  1. To read a book a week (one or two misses will be forgotten)
  2. To up 2012 book total so read 100 books ( I read 98 books in 2012, so there's logic to the 100)
  3. I want to finish writing The Stranger a.k.a my June Camp NaNoWriMo novel a.k.a the novel I've been working on since I was 15. Look at the right side bar to see how that's coming.
  4. CATS!
  5. To continue with this weekly blog and to maybe not remembering about it at 6pm and then procrastinating till 9pm and just making it before Midnight (I mostly make it).
  6. I think maybe focusing more on Creative Writing. You know that's my real forte in writing, not making my real life sound some what interesting sounding. Mainly because its rather boring (hell, I'm watching Jonthan Ross show just because David Tennent was on it). I know how about I just start lying about real life, combine them both. So I actually met David Tennant today, he slapped me for some reason...Well, I did say he looked better as a woman.
  7. On the other subject of writing, I want to start keeping a diary every day. This is something I have attempted before (two times I think). I did it last year, but I kinda forgot some days...weeks...a month. Basically, I'm just going to note down that happens to me everyday.
  8. To read more classics/great works of Literature for reasons. 
  9. Oh, YEAH. I have the desire which is shared by my parents, to pass my driving tests. Need to do my theory and practical. This is especially a challenge due to, from Monday I will no longer be insured to drive. Thanks Sex Equality insurance law, but still allow the bastards to charge 1000s to insured young people. Fucking taking advantage pricks. Moveing on.
  10. To keep being my fabulous self *serious face* LOL.
So that's all my goals for year. See ya next week where I will be discussing in detail my wild night on the set of Doctor Who. We were so wasted.

(P.S. I actually made it.)

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