Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mortal UKAS

Hello dear readers, this week has certainly been more interesting in the second half. Though, it usually is as I have no real reason to ever leave the house before Thursday and I usually don't. On Thursday I went to college where I felt terrible, I've been feeling Fibo at moment. You know numb limbs that go to sleep without me and I sure do feel tired at lot. I woke with my arms aching at the elbow and wanting to go back to sleep for a year.

I actually had two large cans of energy drinks (cherry) that day. I downed my first can before class. My arms stopped hurting but still tired during class. I then walked across town to catch the bus home which I wasn't that happy about. The reason being that I was meant to be going to an open day that started at 4pm and the bus didn't get to the nearest town to me till 3pm. I had my doubts about getting there on time and I was right to because we ended missing the talk I was going there for. We also went the wrong way but we late before that. *sighs* Parents. I always forget to lie about the time we need to get there.

I got a tour of the Uni Creative department that involves radio studio, music studio, TV studio and very impressive lighting in the performance area that's worth half million pound. I talk to the person in charge of the course about what they looking for in the personal statement and found out that delightfully I don't have to submit a portfolio for this one and the course has reasonable number of students. The person was trying to console me with that 300 people who apply end up going to apply. I wanted to laugh, I was relieved. Especially since I've already got the grades to get in there so I just need to sell myself in my personal statement.

I really don't get where Edinburgh gets off only accepting 8-10 people. It fucking nuts and it sort of put me off there. I'm still applying there, but its not my favourite anymore. We see how things develop.The opening day on Thursday made me excited and hopeful instead of crying in a corner. Also its in a cheaper place and closer to family and where I want to be. I really need to write my personal statement so that I can start my Track wait before my Holiday. The portfolio for Edinburgh will still have to be done.

Friday was Friday with college, UCAS talk and Marks and Spencer fun. Today was the day I could get the limited edition of 'Books are in my Bag' bag so I drove to nearest large town where I brought books from the nearest chains. No clue why I bother with WHSmith as they sell damaged books full price. Oh, yeah 2 for 3.

I also brought video games and pondered getting Murdered: Soul Suspect Limited Edition. I want the game but not sure if the Limited Edition is worth it. So far I've only found it for £7 more than the standard. I tried Game where I found a Metel case of Injustice but it turned out that they only had the metal case out to lure people which is why I like Games Centre better than Game which reminds me that I need to find my 3DS.

I have a lot of things to do before I disappear to the states. UCAS, Blog, review books to read, college work and messing around with my new camra. I brought one and it came today. I had thought about geting this waterproof one but decided just to stick with my first choice.

My little brother discovered Mortal Kombat the other day. Oh, childhood memories of virtually beating each other up and trying to figure how to kill each other. Still Game was good by the way.

I found out that Natural Theatre's Frankenstein is showing when I'm away. The real fun part is that its showing in Florida the day I arrive and the day I'm going to the Universal Horror Night. Damn the fates. I always missed out on something when I go to Florida. It's like I can't win. My parents kept saying just to get the DVD. Well, there isn't one because...they don't want there to be.

That's everything of interest that happen I think. We also got pizza and dominio stuff which I'm now going off to eat. See ya next week losers.

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