Saturday, 16 June 2018

Pink and Tired.

My house has now been painted. So I can take everything up the stairs again. Not yet though, still ton of stuff in my livingroom. I did re-organise the mess they made. Things still have random plaster everywhere.

I'm annoyed still. My sleeping pattren was a mess today. Finally, went to sleep at 3am, had been in bed since midnight. I woke up right before 6am, so less than 3 hours of sleep. Let Leia out so could mess around in the Garden, she gets out constantly because she loves to wake everyone up for cuddles and kisses. She can't do this to me, since I've been sleeping my bunk bed at my parents because my house is a mess so who knows what woke me.

I went back to bed, I kinda woke at nine, but did not regain conscious till half noon, left bed at one and I'm still tired. Woke to the news that the Glasgow high street was once again on fire. The ABC and the Glasgow School of Art are now mssing their roofs and whatever other damage that's likely.That's the third time this year. Something just seem off with that that. Does Glasgow have Supervillian? Realistically not, it just something isn't right with that.

I have did nothing today that I should have. I'm still editing a video that should have went up Monday, I don't know if I should just give up on it. I'm doubting myself. I like parts of it, I just need to edit the bad out I guess.

Its took long I'm just not happy, because I mess up the first time so it just set off as bad. I'm just going to keep with it. I know I just need to push through it. I'm hoping to finish for tomorrow but If I don't, I'm probably going to push it for next Friday.

I'm also like done with Drag Race this season. I stopped watching ep 11 and I just can't be bother to go back to it. I'll probably will. We're apparently getting British Drag Race, but I'm just so not interested in seeing any more of Rupaul. I know he'll make money either way, but I rather not see his face. His judging is usually really bad as well. I watch Drag Race for the Queens, not a bitter old man who refuses to change with the times.

I'm going to dye my hair tonight, despite not actually having time. I'm just so sick of my hair. Just gonna dye it a random colour that'll probably not last that long. Pink. Pink tends to fade as rule. Nor really had my hair pink outside of dying my hair red with pink undertones rather than it going orange when it fades. My hair is blue and purple in places from my mother attacking me in March.

Going to try a pastel thing. Probably going to film it as new thing I'm trying. Hair dying does well for whatever reason on YouTube.

I'm off to dye my hair pink, which might appear a bit extra when you find out what the next video I'm going to film is.

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