Saturday, 25 February 2012

I'm so very different from them More like Walking Cliché

This may be a weird notion, but the thought came to me this week, while I was laying about. Am I cliché? I strive so much to be different, be weird and consider odd by the outside world. Does this in fact make me a cliché?

I'm a "Torment Soul" (according to most people I must think my parents don't love as much as my sick siblings or give me enough attention. They love me fine, thank you very much and I don't want them playing enough attention to notice the bodies) with a difficult and complex background who escapes into the world of art, music and books. I want, have wanted to be a writer from a young age and always associated myself as being a goth with my love of horror and the macabre. I have few, almost seemly non-existent at school friends. Frankly, I can be quite the loner and go happy for days without any proper human contract.  Black is my main colour choice in most style choices with the usual splash of red or purple. I consider Midnight blue to be one of my favourite colours.

But does this all not make me the cliché odd girl sitting in the corner with a book? Sure, I'm only person in my school that matches all the above description, however, my school, my town, my contract with the world outside -unreachable from- my room is very, very small. Within the context of my family, six siblings and all; including my extended family I'm the weird one with my ever-changing-multicolour hair that goes well past my shoulders (actually it slightly goes past my bellybutton). Does that really make special, unique?

 Am I just a big hypocrite?

I do just want to be me, I don't try to be different from everyone. I've just always accept my own weirdness, I've basically been like since I was four years old, before I even known social norms. I don't believe in, refuse to change for anyone. Its just been bugging me recently. Does it really matter anyway?

What's normal anyho?

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