Saturday, 11 February 2012

Odd Reading Habits a.k.a I'm off patrolling the Streets of Chorley with a book in hand

Me, My Best Friend & of Course Brain Cox -Pict added 23.2.12

This was actually wrote on the 5th February, but as I will be visiting my Best Friend, Rose in England; to keep to the Saturday Update schedule, I've had to write it before. While England is not some far off land lacking connection to the outside world; her Internet is not that great and I would also like to spend as much time as possible with her whilst dress as Batwomen. She having, I mean had a Fancy dress party for 16th last night. Cult TV was the theme and the costumes were all wonderful *Nods straight faced*. I've decided I will keep wearing my Batman gear all day. Seriously, I'm taking my Batman pyjamas , my hoodie and Batgirl top. My purse/bag is Batman as well.  Yeah, kinda obsessed.
When this hits the wide web, I'll probably be slapping or trying to scar Rose using my nails. Its how I show affection. *smirks*

So back to the point of the blog:
  My reading habits which some might describe as odd or unusual are the following:
  •  When I get I bored with the story of book or just a little bit restless I read out the words to keep focus. Thats not the odd part. I also sometimes sing it out or purposely read out the words in the wrong tone e.g. a random innocent part as though they were out of breath and sweaty *Suggestively waggles eyebrows* or sad/serious/action packed parts in overly happy high-pitched voice, so on. My family can probably hear me doing this, but they must just take it as me making more nonsensical noise. Like I've said before I'm Dyslexic and reading out the words does help me in someway. The odd way I do is just to amuse myself.
  • I am somewhat restless at time and will randomly stand up, move about the room and then sit back down when I was. Often, forgetting if I've stood up for a reason. So I move about the room while reading, usually I read lying on my bed or move to my desk when I start to cramp. Though, I can ended up lying on the cold floor of my room, on the stairs with the steps sticking in my back. In all bizarre positions on the bed, even once tried reading with head hanging off the bed. 
  • Most Dangerous of all I try to read while walking about. Pacing about my room while my dog follows my every move or all over the house and in the large Garden/farm land. I go for walks while reading all over the place. I even jump on my trampoline while trying to read. When I'm really engrossed in a book, I walk around school with my nose in between the pages between classes. The most stupidness part of this is, that even at the best of times I am as clumsy as hell: I walked into walls; lose my footing on steps; fall over furniture thats been in the same position for years and I am always coved in unexplained bruise as I'm so use to hurting myself that I don't really noticed anymore. I am actually quite good at recovery, I haven't actually hit the ground in over a year and that was because of the ice.

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