Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Love of Books a.k.a avoiding the bitching

I was planing on writing about First Aid training I had on Wednesday, but I think I'd be better writing about that once I've competed the course. A lot of crap has happen since I posted my last blog; frankly I couldn't write about that without being bitchy. Let just say my school's House/Support Teachers should find other employment, because they centrally not suited to a caring role of any kind.

So for all the above reasons I figured I would write something about my love of books. I've always had a fascination over them and the written word. I know this goes all the way back to when I was toddler even. There's film of me excitingly flicking through the pages of a Winnie-Pool book what I'm told is my second Birthday, maybe Third. I learned to read early on. I know I could read when I was 3/4 years old, I know because I can remember it: I read my sister's school books. Some point during that year or when I got there I stopped being able to read those same pages. At 4 I could read, at 5 I couldn't, not even a tiny bit it seemed.

I have dyslexia (as said previous blog), though it doesn't explain what triggered me to take 10 steps back and recovery for 6 years.They such a thing as Alexia (acquired Dyslexia) where you stop being able to read due the brain being damaged. Though, that really only happens in adults. I don't remember any head injuries and I doubt my parents would hide something like that from me so I guess thats not what happen.  Maybe it was just the stress of school that built the wall. That way I use to visuallise why I couldn't read. There was wall blocking me from the words I needed, wanted so bad. The words would slowly climb over the wall and into my grasp until the wall began to crumble and now no longer sands.

The way I see my mind now is very badly organised, giant library. Full of information and fiction, it justs takes a while to find it some times. Some sections are better arranged than others.

Growing up all I wanted to do to be able to read and become a writer. I want to be able to write my own stories down so much. I've always been a story teller, when I couldn't write, I drew the story. I come up a million ideas a day for stories, though not all them a good. I hope to be a published writer someday. I would get so frustrated not being able to write or read. It was what I always wanted as kid. I would wish on stars to learn to read. A day I don't read or write is a wasted wish, I suppose. I have started to take reading for granted now, spelling still causes many a problem. I still appreciated it so much.

I relearned to read at 11, right before High School start. The First book I properly read after the six year gap was about a sick baby sheep. I read it all by myself, it must have been 15 pages long with pictures. I can now read over 600 pages in day if I have the time. That can be a whole book. I've been reading now for 6, 7 years I'm still doing my best to make up for wasted time. I will read all books, aimed all ages. Even the humble picture book are still a joy for me. 

The thing I think regret most about not being able to read, is that no one introduce me to comic books. Sure, I had came across the Beano but you can't really get the full joke from not being to read. Looking at the pictures of adult. The first comic I read was W.I.T.C.H, loved it. Hated the American Voices on the animation and the books redundant. Currently getting Batman Legends and recently DC Universe. My Graphic novel collection is mostly, okay completely made up of Batman, but he wonderful.

Next week my Odd Reading Habits (includes singing Murder scenes)

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