Saturday, 18 February 2012

Typewriter fun - My Dedication of Love to the Past of Writing

Haló, I'm now the proud owner of a Olympia SM9 typewriter
Isn't she beautiful?

I've got to say that while I love having this machine, the amount I'll actually use it is to be determined. Its in complete working order and I've have so far used to write nonsenical letters and the opening of a story idea, that is frankly quite confusing so far. I plan to write a horror story and see if it comes true. You know like in that Goosebumps book/episode "The Blob That Ate Everyone", I guess the boy is exactly like me. I love writing horror stories and I have a working computer and going to be getting my own laptop soon which was confirmed the same day as I got the typewriter. I actually brought the typewriter out of a charity shop, Caring for Carers, which money goes partly to the same charity thats giving me money towards a laptop. £15 to help others. 
I've wanted a typewriter for a while, for sentimental reasons really. All those great works that have been typed out on a typewriter, basically since the late 19th century. Also think I'm less likely to get distracted typing on a typewriter than if I was using a laptop/computer. It also might improve my typing as I won't have room to make mistakes. I actually seem to making more typing mistakes on my keyboard than I do on my typewriter as writing this.
I think I would like to at less write one chapter of every book I ever write on a typewriter, though I need to write a book first. 

Also why would a typewriter made in 1971 need a "at" symbol? Is two letter word too long to write every time, its not like "at" is used in most sentences. @?

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