Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Best Laid Schemes : My Endeavour into the World of College

Well, I had my interview for college and I did finish my portfolio (I never did the font/typography page, but I do plan to still glue that stuff down at some point) in time. It went okay, my mum came with me partly, did my speaking for finding out where to go and such. They took my photo before I was interview for my ID if I get in, it’s probably horrid. Forced my mum to go after that; she offered to stay with me, but there was no way I could do that, I have to learn to speak/do stuff myself. Basically we got a small tour, given a general talk and then got interviewed. We waited in one of the class rooms (I think that what they called it) and sat in silence, despite the encouragement of the Interviewer to talk to each other. I felt awkward and want to break the silence, but not being the sort of person to do so, it remained. I started to regret wearing my batgirl t-shirt under my dress top, you could clearly see her sticking out instead of potential cleavage and using my standard Batbag. I also hated the fact my portfolio was in a plastic see-through folder, you could see my work at one side, while everyone else were black and fabric. I'm going to buy one of them.

I was third to be interviewed, I fucked up the talking bit, I'm just not meant for speaking one to one with someone. I also realise that I can't tell if someone is talking to me, unless they specifically address me. I think most people can tell, maybe its because I look past people (I'll add that to the Autistic list).

She (the interviewer/Course Tutor person, I have a horrible memory) first ask me why I want to do the course, so I mumbled about having an interest in Illustration and kept repeating the word "but". What I wanted to say was I have an interest in Illustration, but I think it would be better to have some experience with Graphic Design.  So she moved on to my actual portfolio and discussed that. It was a lot easier to comment and communicate. I said pointless nonsense and I talked myself down; I said how things hadn't went my way with my Higher Expression/Self-portrait Unit, frankly I hate all my pieces for that unit except my solution. She asked if I was doing English, which I told her I was re-sitting and she said how it be good to have if I want to go to Uni (I already knew this, didn't say) but it didn't matter for the course. She said that my work was good/fine, don't remember her exact words, and that I had an Unconditional place for the course.

Yep, so I left the room some what happy and got lost trying to find my way out. Once, I had escape from the clutches of the almost empty building. I called my mum to tell her my good news (and to come get me), she was shopping and told me to call my dad, who once called asked if I had called mum, whom I told that I had and that she had told me to call him and they both, of course, said congratulations in their own ways. I then message my Best Friend who give me a cyber hug and for once I didn't cyber slap her for it.

I waited for my mum for roughly half a hour, my sister who was with her had thought she had lost her bank card and they had searched for it at the shops. It was in her back pocket, of course it was. While I waited I post cryptic messages (e.g. "Well, I know what I'm doing next year") on Facebook/Twitter. I didn't really want to tell anyone I had got in, not sure why.  My mum let it slip on facebook and I selectively told people in real-life, but technically this is the web announcement.  I had intended not telling my art teacher that I knew I got in, but I did ended up telling her. Though, I told Mrs B (Annoying Support teacher who featured in last week's blog) that I wouldn't know for two weeks. I doubt she'll directly ask again, but if she does, I'll tell her the same lie.

I also went on my last school trip this week. I went to see "Of Mice & Men" at The Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh. It was good, but I just don't think its suits being a play and works better as a book. I(’m petty sure) was the only six year on the trip, I read mostly there and back with my ipod to protected me from my younger peers. We left at half hour and got back at half past midnight. It was very fitting to be my last school trip as school was a drama, left me up at night and exhausted.

As I've said many a time, I didn't expect to be here. I thought I would have been finishing my first year at Uni by this point and not heading towards college. I even said I didn’t want to do art any more, but I think that was due my lack of support on the matter and thinking I'm a crap drawer besides the evidence and testimony of expects (well, as expect as I've came across).

So to sum up this blog (somewhat my life so far): I'll be doing Visual Communication HNC next year, mainly due to the fact

"The best laid schemes o' mice an' men 
 Gang aft agley" 
Robert Burns.

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