Saturday, 30 June 2012

Camp NaNoWriMO FINAL DAY (Butlins Damn you)

Ticket Winnings:Its for my little brother

Today is the last Day of Camp NaNoWriMo, isn't it so sad? Especially if you still haven't finish your novel and have over two thousand words to go.
As I said I was on holiday last week, which was "FUN". Okay, it wasn't that bad, I had all right time and won all this cool stuff (That Youtube won't let me share with you) from the arcade . I'm not sure if I have that much to say about the holiday, it wasn't one of those full of adventure and experiences. I did get tipsy for the first time and realise that alcohol is boring. No interest in it at all. Though, I'm sure my siblings will have something to say about that.
This was murder to get(from a2p machine)

Notepads double as  photo/sibling shields
As for the writing, that was a challenge. I did write during the first few nights and in the car journey down. I actually wrote while we at this disco/show thing. So was kinda good considering, though I was still terribly behind when I got on home at 5 am last Monday. I'm not saying what my current word count is, but I will say its not finish and I don't think it will be until next week.

Other thing that happen to me this week is, that I officially left school yesterday. Really it was me signing out, because you need to or you're officially remain in High School forever which is a lot bullshit. I think they do it to mess with us.
I've actually been avoiding doing it for some time, after 5th June since it just sound so awkward and it really was.

It be the last night I'll get to wandered around CDHS, unless I become a teacher or a parent like my mum, Who tag along to my signing fun, which involved going to each of my teacher's this year and getting them to sign a bit of paper saying that I currently haven't stole, er borrowed anything without returning it. Jokes on them, I still have a textbook which I have no intentions of returning and the teacher already signed my form *evil laugh insert here*.

I chit chatted with most of my teachers when I saw them, I actually was part of a one sided conversation with my maths teacher from SG. Who was obsessed with the notion of taking over the world as being a career choice and money being the main motive. I should have told him I was going to be studying an art subject at college and I don't see much money in my near future.

All my teachers, except for my art teacher who signed the form and I just left straight after, have been left with the impression that I'm going to become a writer. This mostly due my mum saying I'm going to be a "Famous Author" to my Maths and Biology teacher. My English teacher praised my writing and asked if I had ever tried/thought about to get any my stories published, I say no since I had nothing in my opinion that is publishable yet. She said my writing was good (though to my knowledge she only read my one or two of my stories) and should try to get published. She said to tell her/the school if I ever I do.

Oh, I already I have that fantasy of going back to shove my achievement in the supports' faces. I would just like say this comes from a small, bitter place inside me who feels confident about my writing. Unlike the rest of me who finds fault in most of it. Though seriously, if I ever did get published, I would offer the school a copy of my book for the library. It such a small town, that if/when I get a book with my name it on a shelve it would probably spread like fire. Maybe not, but I don't think it be some secret.

Maybe I'll be the only notable student on the school Wikipedia someday, LOL. Also To celebrate leaving school officially, I bought Playdough (well, my mum actually paid for it). Yeah, I got a toy for toddlers. Its the artist in me that wanted it.

Well that all for this week, I'm going to T-in-The-Park next week for the first time (Exciting and scary), so it be another pre-written post next week. Not sure yet what it'll be about. I know Dinosaurs.
I'm off to jump in the dark now, thanks for reading.

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