Saturday, 19 April 2014

Back to the Hydro

I'm still sick. Can you believe it? I think I might have throat inflection. I'm going to make a doctor appointment on Tuesday if isn't gone by then. I have this dry cough, making honking noises is getting old.

On the more excited side of life, I saw McBusted on Thursday. Their first official concert, they said so themselves. I drove up half the way there, mum the other half due to the fact it wouldn't have been legal if I had drove that part of the road. My driving is coming together of sorts. Soon I will be running down children and old people who don't leave the street fast enough.

So McBusted were petty great. They've really matured in ten years, tripled breast, jumping on each others backs, Matt in a dress and still obsessed with Back to the Future. We almost got shot with a t-shirt by Matt but the people who got there early did instead.
The Review-a-thon is not happening. I have not written any reviews written for it and as I'm letting everything else slide I may well let this on go down the slide after the rest of my plans. I suppose it was a silly idea consider how sick I am of Reviews right now. I'm just finding it really hard to write my thoughts down. I've got to stop requesting so many books basically. I think I'm just going to slip reviews on Thursday randomly or something.

I've also accidentally requested a review copy twice and they sent it to me twice so I'm not sure what I should do with it. Suggestions are welcome. 

Due to the concert I've also missed my exercise schedule and see no way of me catching up with it at this point so I'm letting this week go and will start a flesh on Monday.
I call this guess where we were sitting.

More disappointingly, I have not wrote anything of my novel in over a week now. I'm deeply annoyed with my self. I don't know if I'm going to attempt to catch up or not as I have three library books to read and return in two weeks.

I also happen to have broken my Book Buying Ban on Friday, in a major away but I did show some retaint but obviously not enough. This is also after sneaking charity super market books for a pound. I went 38 days without any buying full price books. I have spent more than a tenner I would have counted the charity books as a break. I'm back on it and hopefully I'll best myself. Maybe that will become a thing.

I'm gonna flee now to do stuff, like thinking about looking for black trousers.
P.S. Trying to put photos in these posts is such a pest. They never go where I want. 

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