Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Daily Mail Ruin everything.

Last Sunday, while Scanning the books on sale at my local supermarket, full of disgust at all the trashy porn books that never seem to move, I suddenly spot Fault in our stars by John Green in the top right corner. What a shock to see a book that I found on internet, I've never seen anywhere else.

UK paper back has come to town and the Daily Mail can continue to FUCK THEMSELVES.

I really hate Daily Mail as they attack everything I love, I have yet to actually read the "Fault in our Stars" for reasons but I trust the Booktube community when they tell me its good and the Daily Mail basically attack books all feature on To be Read list.

Because the Daily Mail do not know that Young Adult books are different from Children's books. Just because they can be put with the Children department of Publishers does not make them the same, this is only because they are books for Young people who are in between the stages of Childhood and Adulthood. YA books are always in a different section from the Children's books.

I would go on but we all know even if I challenge the "Teen Sick-Lit" Article word for word, they will learn nothing and loyal readers of the Daily Mail will take their word over the words of teen who knows the truth about the world of fiction that deal with real life issues because I had most of them.

Okay, that might seem a random attack on the Daily Mail and I know I should know better than to ever read one of their articles especially after someone gave the link because they themselves were annoyed by it. Basically, I found the article the same day I saw that I saw "Fault in our Stars" in the store and was rather surprised by it since my local supermarket (which could get its own rant post if it doesn't watch it self) doesn't have any YA or kids books in it really. Just the odd notion of one sometime. They're mostly filled with porn books and the random best seller.

I hate The Daily Mail, everyone I like hates The Daily Mail, the BBC get away with making jokes about their idiocy, in my Higher English Discursive Essay "Media: Corrupter or Scapegoat?" I basically ranted about the My Chemical romance incident and I got away with it.  The Daily Mail are just idoits, they say teens are either kill each other because of drugs/violence or are going to kill themselves due to being influenced by music and art.

I can't them serious as a newspaper. They published an article where the Writer says other woman don't like her because she "beautiful". No, she wasn't that good looking. They probably hate her because she a Daily Mail writer.

They annoy me so much, they say such horrible things. I know its the same with bullying when comes to The Daily Mail, I should just ignore them because getting upset about is not going to make them stop. Though, unlike bullying, ignoring them (its does work with some of the loser) will definitely won't stop them.

If Tanith Carey (writer of the idiot article who doesn't know what YA is) or anyone else from the Daily happens to read. Being a MCR fan and reader of "sick-lit" nothing has depressed me more than reading that article or any of the other Daily Mail articles. If I were going to kill myself over something I read, it would be a Daily Mail article, because they make me lose hope for society. However, then I listen music (sometimes it MCR) and go on tumblr, so I remember that my side of society is still good and that there is hope that someday all of society will be good and educated. *sigh* Someday...

For more in-depth look at the article, I suggest reading this one instead of reading the actual Daily Mail one so they don't get the count. Trust me, the actual article will just annoy you too.

Now, I'm off to read decent literature and try not to blend my arm; I'll tell you why next week.

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