Saturday, 23 March 2013

My Chem go Bye Bye

I woke today to some horrid news. My chemical Romance was no more. There had broke up. I have yet to find an actual answer to the reason why. My best friend was the one to informed me of this, by her status on facebook and message me with "MACE ARGH!" So distested was she and later me that spelling went out the window with the chances of ever seeing them live again.

Strangely I'm not shocked. Yes, disappointed. I feel I should probably be shocked and devastated. There was talk of album being released this year. Obviously not happening now. I was looking forward to seeing them in concert again. Even though I saw before, I immediately wanted to see them again afterwards.

Thankfully, that we did see them though. My best friend and I will always have that shared memory of MCR rocking MENA. In fact, that concert was in March right before the Easter Holidays two years ago. I guess my MCR memories will always be in March.

I would like to know why they've decided to call it quits. I just like there to be reason behind things, and I want to know the answer to everything that effects me. Unrealistic but I like answers.

It just another stab to the fact that in 7 weeks time I'll no longer be a teenager. MCR have made up a big pact of my Teenhood. There have been the soundtrack to some of the best and worse times in my short life. I'll always remember listening to them on the bus on the way to school (rare to be actually to go to school that way) or on my way home relieved that I've survived another day. Welcome to the Black Parade playing at the school dance, The Black Parade stand outside Woolworths before it disappeared. I still hear as "This is How I Disappear" when I walk though the turn to my house from the main road. The trees there just trigger it.  There also the time I order a crap load of stuff from official website and got it shipped all the way from America. I walked through the snow/ice to my Grandma's to collect the package. That sadly excited for the contents. Frankly, My Chem is the band I spent the most money on ever. A love for MCR is something I share with my best friend and there lot other crap that only I probably care about.

I wouldn't say My Chemical Romance saved my life. That would just be too dramatic.

There were just there when I was down or even when I want to jump around like a fool. Their music made me feel better a lot of times. The whole you're not alone really helps when you're lonely teen who struggles to communicate.

So Farewell My Chemical Romance (because we gonna kid on there actually a chance one of them might read this). Thanks for all the good times and your music. It sad you won't make any more or ever play again but we're always have the albums and the memories.

So I'm off to sing "Teenagers" while I'm still one of them. Probably end up singing "The Kids of Yesterday". Lets all just take some solace in Fall Out Boy being back together. It not much.

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