Saturday, 30 March 2013

Doctor, Doctor Who?

There were many more, more depressing thing I could have wrote about. Like the fact I'm petty sure I'm depressed again, slept most of the day away and hate it down here so much.

 Nevermind that though, we gonna talk Doctor Who. I actually watched the last two epsiodes.
For clarity that was the one that was on today (The Bells of Saint John) and the Christmas special (The Snowmen). It was actually the first time I watched the whole thing as on Christmas day I miss the middle of due to Family talking, maybe agurement. Well, I couldn't hear it and the TV box was turned off so I couldn't rewind back.

My lesson has been learned. Never watch something you really want to see with most of your family. Leave to be watched by yourself (or with the internet) months after its aired.

Or hours in the case of The Bells of Saint John as I was sleeping when it was on. I fell back to sleep at just before five and when I woke it was 8 something.

So the new companion, Clara. Though, seeing the promo for this ep, I thought maybe the mug was going to become a companion too. I'm disappointed that no one has made a joke aboout it and I'm too lazy to do it myself properly.

Clara seems alright, I like her so far and I really like how she got something going on. Moffat's companions all have actually, haven't they? I mean they not just there to repsent the audience at home, they actually bring something to the storyline.
 Yes, The Bells of Saint John was good, not favourite ep, but there can't all be or I won't have a favourite eps. I was intrigued by the whole Wifi thing, but not that thilled by what it actually turned out to be. I guess it was actually kinda similar to the whole hands free phone we had with the cyberman, now that I think about it, not quite. It just reminds me of it with the whole control thing.

I'm not going to say anything about my theories for this season, since I think its too soon with spoilers. Also I want to kinda think about for awhile.

Though, lets talk about the anniversary. Apparently, it been confirmed that Billie Piper and David Tennent are back. Yay, for TENnent. BOO for Billie Piper. I'm one of the very rare -as in I never see anyone else say this, but I've never went looking for it- people in the DW fandom who hates Rose Tyler. I just think she a terrible character, I also hate nine the whole first series characters are terrible (except for Captain Jack, but he doesn't come into his own till later).

There were trying to do something that was just never going to work. I mean there obviously didn't understand their audience. Also Rose Tyler was meant to Nineteen. I always thought she was meant to be in her late 20s.

Generally, I like to kid to Eight (that movie was terrible) and Nine didn't happen. I have instead replace them with the Doctors who appear in Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death. After all Moffat did write it, even if it is a parody or spoof.

That me done for now with my Doctor Who thinking. See you lot next week, I'm off to dig myself out from the barricade.

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