Saturday, 2 March 2013

Putting the Beast into Beauty (Oh, wait...)

So in the last blog I said I was going to go to a Amateur Drama Production meeting, did you know Amateur basically means doing it for the love it, yay, not that surprising. So I went to the meeting and the Audtation for it, completely sleep deprived.

You guys mignt not know this but I'm amazing actor and singer. HAHAHA....(continue for ten minutes). I'm alright actor and can keep a note with practise.

I went up for the main part since I love that character and there wasn't really that much choice. I didn't get it. Someone who's too old for the part got it. Its amateur, just kinda ruins it since one of the themes of the musical is coming of age. Oh well, no one expects this much of this things.

I've got to say the way they had us sing in pairs to audition was really off putting. I probably have done better if I sang by myself.

Anyway, not having a part in the musical means I only have to go to one meeting a week now instead of two. So sooner to my bed on Monday.  I probably spend too much time there, but I don't have a couch in my room.

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