Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Story of how I got Hugh Jackman in my Room

So Sherlock Season 3 is the process of being filmed and I now own a giant poster of Anne Hathway. All is right in the world.
So if you wondering how I manage to aquire such a thing as a giant poster of Anne Hathway, our story begins one Wednesday.

I was deeply tired and not in the mood to do a thing when I got home from college. But a last I had singing to do at my local theatre as I'm in the chorus. So after sitting on a hard chair for two hours and suffering a sore behind, the singing was done and my mother had lost her keys. There was a busy buster.

The theatre also shows films (I said so in my last blog), I went there to see Les Misérables. Anyway, once mostly everyone was gone. The Music Director of the production, got out these posters there had been sent to advertised the film. I have no idea where there were meant to be put these posters as there are giant posters meant for big cinemas that have at least twenty scenes. There was three posters of the main characters/stars. So Jean Valjean/Hugh Jackman was claim in seconds. I decided I want Fantine/Anne Hathway and Javert/Russel Crowe eventually found a home.

Photos at odd angles are great
On my way out I over head about the cardborad stand featuring all the above stars. Basically, I asked if I could have it and now I have Hugh Jackman guarding my door which makes me giggle every time I see him. It turns out the stand is too tall for my bedroom. DAMN YOU ATTIC ROOF!!!

I giggle when I see other two and I have no idea what I'll ever do with the poster. Maybe it will meet the ultimate Dorm room poster.

As for the actual film, I found it rather good, but I do imagine a West End production is better. Russel Crowe singing was a bit dodgy at times, but all the acting was good. I knew Jackman was going to pull through. It was basically as brilliant as I expected. I'm definitely going to get the DVD and am desperate to get the Deluxe Soundtrack.

I'm currently at my sister's, as my mum and her are going to see Olly Murs. Rather glad it not me, he's alright but I just wouldn't want sit through a whole set of him. Me and Sib are going to be seeing Daniel Sloth, the much better choice. So see you loser next week.

The state of the stand until I can sort my room out.
 Ain't they're all petty?

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