Saturday, 2 November 2013

Haunted Library

Sadly Halloween has once again past. Its sort of disappointing that I didn't have bigger plans on Halloween 2013 as it the only one I live through (morality anyway) with the number 13 in it. I'm also disappointed that no horror films came out this
Halloween. Though, it has been awhile since a heard about a horror film that actually sounded good.

I basically just craved pumpkins and dressed up. I was a bloody Red Riding Hood, you know after she
killed the wolf and stabbed the woodsmen for the fun of it. I guess I could have went as Buffy from that Halloween ep when that house came to life or something. The costume was sort of similar to the one she wears in it. I was so tired on Halloween that I gave up on a pumpkin mid carve. I had already craved a Batsymbol pumpkin (which I think came out very well). I had scouped out the guts of the other one, had did the eyes and started on the mouth. My mum offered to finished it so I let her and changed to a bloody state.

The rest of Halloween was spent lying about couches and watching disappointing Horror films. I don't know why but any time I watch a Horror film with my sister, its petty crap one. We watched "Smiley" (which co-wrote by my cat, Glasgow. Okay, it just someone with the same name. Not the 'smile' part but he writes movies with 'smile' in the title). The ending is so good but the rest of the film is so slow and boring. The main character was unlikable and digoal. I don't know, maybe its because they used to doing short films and they just need more practice with longer medium. We also watched "The Hills run red": it was just crap. We started watching "Thirteen Ghosts" (remake) but fell asleep. My sister actually fell asleep before me and I had been up since 6 am.

I've had my first week of work placement. I'm at the college library, it also the uni library as well. So far the experience has been interesting and I get to read as part of it. Mostly just re-shelving but I like the process of shelving books. Its fun. I probably should have pick something more people involved but I like libraries and books. It nice to be surrounded by organised books all day and then go home to my mess of book shelve that cry out to be re-organised. It on my ever growing list of things to do involving my bed room. Though, as of today I can tick one off the list.

I finally got rid of my broken bed, dismated it and put it in the shed today. Most of it will probably burn. Everything that's not metal. It was so dusty under the bed. It was so much fun clearing up that mess. I dealt with everything that was under the bed; however I had a lot of clothes that were just lying on the bed. There now on the floor, in bag though. There just like this wall of stuff between me and the tv. Its next on the list to deal with. Second, would have to be my damp wall that was behind my bed. It got black mould on it and the wall paper needs replacing. I've put bleach on it, but the mould still sort of there. I guess it needs a proper wash with bleach.

I guess I now have the fun of picking out new wallpaper and getting to move the tv. That all for the week, join me next week where I have no clue what I'll be doing. Though, definitely more library stuff.

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