Saturday, 9 November 2013

Leaving the Library A.K.A only be surround by books at night and weekends.

Proof that I do occasionally consumed alcohol.
I'm in Glasgow (sort of) right now being focus to be in the presence of non-home bound family member. Doing stupid things like going to TGIFriday to drink cocktails. Well, we actually went yesterday and droved up then too.

I had my last week of work experience at a University library. I finish reading the 'Life of Pi' for review and wrote two reviews in the end (though I had read that book before). I also replaced stickers on the books. So much fun...I'm going to miss the shelving. I actually am. It was tiny bit of challenge but I really like organising book to a system. It doesn't matter if it it my making or someone else's. As long as it not just big Alphabet line because honest you always give up by the time you get to F when you're just browsing for say Horror.  So tempted to offer to organise my local library shelves. They just so terrible and they get doubles of books no one likes.

As user of local library, hell I even actually give them money because I keep forgetting to renew my books on the right day, I have every right to moan about the stupid mistakes. However, I plan to do nothing about fixing/avoiding in the future about these annoyances. It just how I roll. 

Today I actually left the home of one sister (I frankly wanted to stay in hotel), visit another and spent too much money. My nephews are somewhat cute. The youngest one has a thing for going through bags and stealing books from said bag. I sort of don't mind because an obsession with books is just something I can get behind. Even if reading them isn't currently involved with that obsession. Someday it probably will be. Till then stealing books is the right path. I mean the Book Thief and I know that's what I did. However, I was lead a stray.

We went shopping today where I spent too much money. Brought a onesies, wristbands featuring Batman and my favourite aliens and also in my highest form immaturity brought several Monster High dolls when we went Toys R Us.  I was probably too happy when my mum told me we were going. We also went to Asda where I definitely spent too much money on books and children in need merch.

We also tried out the wheelchair in a public for the first time, it was a lot easier on lament floor than on carpet in the hallway. I was one doing the pushing. I did almost crash into people as it was awkward to see beyond the chair when turning corners. My mum made a joke that I need the chair now from pushing her around day.It wasn't that bad on my arms, though the top of my feet hurt hitting both on them on the bar things on them. I wonder if I'll get bruises.

To finish we had proper Fish & Chips on the way home. That all for this week, now I'm going to bed to pounder what I'm going to do with Dark Knight trilogy Blu-ray considering I don't own a player.

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