Saturday, 23 November 2013

Doctor Who Perfection (and more tedious life things)

Oh, my god. Doctor Who was perfect. Well, not perfect. There are few things I take fault with actually. But the ending was perfect. I watched it in 3D which was slight panic doing as I just couldn't figure out how to put it in the right mode. It was mainly difficult because my tv has two remotes for some reason. Turns out that there was just a button to press on one of them. It was rather confusing. So I technically  watched it minute behind everyone else with the whole over 75 countries worth watching thing. It looked good in 3D though. It actually added something to it, it wasn't just a gimmick. It was rather cool with a random dalek randomly shooting out of people.
It was really good episode, yes they were faults, things I would have prefer not to be in the episode at all. SPOILER ALERT: I was so glad that Rose Fucking Tyler was not in the damn thing. I hate her so much, I would rather have another companion have been the interface thing but at least she wasn't actually in it. Frankly, she came back far too many times for someone meant to be trapped in another dimension. Queen Elisabeth the English twat was far too petty looking. I mean she wasn't even TV ugly. Elisabeth was historical hideous. I also she rather boring historian figure. She a woman, but so was her crazy arse sister who went around killing Protestants and then Elizabeth did the obvious smart thing of not marrying the King of Spain who having been married to her sister and spent most of the marriage in another country from his wife. Wow, she wasn't an idiot. She just had really lucky rule. That's enough before this turns into a proper rant of some form.
 A few things that happened this week that are worth a mention. I mean my life doesn't revolved around Doctor Who *Laughs awkwardly* someday the Doctor will come for me. *Clears throats* Moving. I did  a tiny bit of my room by moving the bed temporally back to its old location, in front of my new bookcase, so now I kinda can lay my head on the books. I could now just move the long bookcase to the other side of the bed and I'll be surrounded by books when I sleep. Though, it be as awkward to get in and out of as it was moving it and the long bookcase is going to be bitch to move too which will evenualy have to happen.
This week has been another sleeply fest. I missed two days of that Team course thing due to sleeping through  my alarm. So fucking tired lately, I am actually sleeping at proper times. I'm also sleeping past my alarm, unable to leave my bed till noon. It just my body is just being awkward again. My leg been going numb move often again. I guess I'll just have to live with it.
 I had this interview thing for this hospitality course. To cut the story short I did not get on the course which is disappointing but not devastating. Oh, well life goes on and this means I can go back to my original plan of sleeping my days away once this Prince's Trust course is over.
Okay, I guess it wasn't eventfully week and I can't be arsed to actually talk about what going on with the Prince's Trust course thing as it rather lack muster at the moment which might be a reason why I can't get out of bed for it. Motivation is usefully to have on cold, Scottish morning. I'm going to  Christmas Festive in Glasgow tomorrow so I probably talk about that next week. Bye Losers.

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