Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sleeping on Bookcases

This week was a week of tiredness and messed up alarms. I don't really know why I was so tired. I guess it could the dancing my nights away at Panto Rehearse. Oh yeah, probably haven't said this yet but I'm doing Panto for the first time this year and we recently started on the dances. Maybe I'm just unfit or I'm having an "Episode". I have Firmo like symptoms sometimes and it came to light that they other tiredness illness exist in my family tree.  What other fun discovery will I uncover in time? Maybe my great, great, great, great grandmother is a serial killer. What fun would that be?

So I missed days at course thing. I don't think I missed much but who knows. I also accientially set my alarm to 6pm instead of 6am. Oh dear, it first time I've missed days in the whole thing. I go everyday for the rest of the thing.

In more productive news (God, I wish sleep counted as being productive) I have built a pink bookcase all by myself today. Ikea say you need two people but they are liars. I wanted a red one but Ikea didn't have that one in stock. Lying, non-stock counting bastards. I'm not entirely sure why I'm trash talking Ikea. I like their furniture. I also like complaining and dramatising things. The hardest part was actually moving the camping bed out of the road. It was just awkward and hard. Maybe two people would have been helpfully when moving the bed. So now I have finally have it a place to put my books that seem be multiplying by themselves. Okay, I'm one solely fact that at least 500 hundred books and could challenge my local library's YA section.

I slowly continue the sorting my room out in the hopes of finally getting a bed that's not too short or dips in the middle. That all for this week, I'm off to sleep on between two piles of junk now.

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