Saturday, 30 November 2013

Baking Batman

Since we last spoke I have been to Glasgow and back, made 36 fairy cakes (and iced them), attempted once again to make pastry, spent too much money and become a vigilante of the night. One of those things was a lie, have fun guessing which one.

Like I said last week I went to a Christmas crafty sort fair thing. Basically, I have a cousin (I think she my cousin of some sort anyway, well technically everyone is everyone's cousins) who does these corn straw things. She been feature on TV and stuff. She had a stall at so my mother and that got free entrance to it. We took this opportunity to take out the Wheelchair for another spin.

I've feel tired that lately and it was no exception on Sunday. I guess it could be argued that I didn't actually get enough sleep that day. I was a wake at midnight and I got up like at six to drive up to this place for ten opening. I was kinda half wake on the ride up and we got there at like 9am. This thing at the SECC and the parking is terrible. You have to pack at this packing lot tower thing that is a long walk away from the actual venues which is petty terrible for the disabled. It didn't help that it was freezing that day.

My mum had been planning to keep the wheelchair in the car and going back to get it if/when she needed it. However, a terrible distance away the car being, we took the thing with us. So we only use the wheelchair in Glasgow it seems.  My legs really hurt that day so I spent sometime in the chair which was an interesting experience where I decided to fuck it a few times by getting out of the chair just to turn it. I also push her in it and used it as a trolley.

I bought a tartan skirt that was two colours. It was petty and technically half price, at the low, low cost of £39. I know it a lot more that normally pay on a single piece of clothing.  It real wool and cool looking. I also brought a doctor who necklace, skull earnings and a skeleton girl necklace. They're petty too.

I also brought Nerds, I love nerds, I wish Nerds were in every store and cheaper. Oh, and we had every  flavour  over here. I also got Olives and this giant cinnamon swirl because food is nice but things that ain't really means are nicer.

We were mean to be going for dinner but we didn't and we left early meaning we got home at like six which was weird. I was half asleep on the ride down. My hips really hurt, I'm just not good with standing for a long time. I went to bed where I woke at 5am for some god reason. Went back to sleep, miss the bus, said I get the bus from CD into college, fell asleep, had stomach issues, missed that bus. Fun times not going to college on the right days. I went on Tuesday and Thursday but not Monday or Wednesday.

I did a lot of baking this week though and it was for the course sort of. On Tuesday, I made 36 fairy cakes, iced 35 of them and ended up with 34 in the end. My dad eat too of them, proving he can't be trusted. I don't really mind as I hadn't really been planing too make that many any how. I then made 24 mini-pastry cases. I eat one because I fancy it, i made them too thick, I really should have done three trays instead of two. I left them to cool before turning them into caramel cakes. When I came back two were missing. My dad had ate them dry. Apparently, he thought they were failed fairy cakes.  Damn father.

I guess it didn't matter as without those missing cakes I was still the one who brought the most homemade baked goods. Frankly, I was the only who brought cakes in that had been made. Someone brought in a homemade quiche. I actually brought a bag with a quiche and my own caramel cake in it. The quiche was alright, though I sort of like quiche but it is hit and missed with me sometimes. It went alright, no one really did the tombola. I did it and won a purse that I will never use. There wasn't that many teams. However, we honoured by the presence of Queen of the South player/s. There were two of them, I don't know. I was more impressed by his jacket than him. I just don't get the appeal of football. 

Some of the kids were jackarses. Trying to steal cakes off the stand and then the tray outside. Asking if the cakes were free in the most rude way. I actually threaten to kick one whist I was holding the tray. The whole kid activities went off fine I guess. I didn't do much as I left to me on the cake stand that we decided to open early. We ended up giving away some of the stuff and I took a big caramel cake home. I had actually been tempted to leave that one at home. So I got a lift home from my mum and we went to Tesco's where I brought several hardbacks and a batman onseise which is fluffy and love it. It inspired me to do something I have done in over a year which was to read a Batman comics I've actually paid for.

I spent yesterday catching up my massive Batman comic book pile mostly. Frankly, I don't want to admit the number but I read eight issues yesterday and the unread number is 20+. Read some more today well and soon will have one set of comics catch up on. Meaning that I only one of other set of Batman comics to catch up on (if you don't count the justice league ones which of course feature the Dark Knight) and Superman comics catch up. So right now I'm only caught up with Arrow which currently only two issues out.  I also found out that they're doing a Batman/Superman comic which we all know I'm going to end up subscribing (they are one of OTPs, they totally love in each other, you can't deny that whether you seen that as platonic or romantic is your own business) to meaning I will be subscribed to the grand number of six comics.Though, one of those is Bi-monthly (though, sometimes it does seem longer than that).

I also brought books on amazon with the whole Black Friday. I need to stop buying books. I have too much a lot of reading material. Several hundred books and like 60 comics if talking about the that original release (Okay, it probably more than that). 

So my plans involves a lot of men in tight clothing that I can't help but sexualise (if they bother to draw Bruce Wayne without a shirt  (so beautifully too) it would be rude not to look) and finishing my last week on this Prince's Trust course thing.

Happy St. Andrew's day, it has sadly been overshadowed by that helicopter clashing into a pub in Glasgow. Sad but I guess these things happen. I think it was engine failure that made it clash, probably get answers next week.

See you next week where I'm bed. I always write these things whist in bed so its a guarantee that where I will be next Saturday. 

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