Saturday, 19 July 2014

BookTube-a-Thon Troubles

Hi, guys so this is the week of the summer BookTube-a-Thon and it has not gone well. Sure I've read ive books as of today, but I've spent most today reading the book I should have finished yesterday instead of the 678 page book I should finish today to be in track.

I didn't get a lot reading done at the start of the week. I finished reading a book I started reading a book that I started before the readathon. Only read a comic book on Monday and then I did stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday, it took me two days and a bit to read one an average  size book. That is not how to have a successfully read-a-thon. I've made up for it but I don't think I'm going to read the 7 books I'm meant/wanted to. I have a backup scheme for tomorrow but I'm not happy about as it involves library books and this was meant to be a all Mount-TBR operation.

I saw my first offical niece for the second time this week which the event on Tuesdays, on Wednesday something happen. On Thursday, I went into large town and then local town to see carer person. Yesterday I read. Today, I woke up just in times to go and pick my sister up from her charity gig.

I had a dream on Thursday that Gerard Way was in my full bathtub fully clothed, mouthing the lyrics to his own songs which he was blasting from a MP3 or something. I think this came from the fact my alarm was going off and it was a MCR song.

My little brother just came into my bedroom saying his TV wasn't working. The thing is though that is not his TV, it mine and it's been in there for a few months since I stole his because mine broke and he hasn't even realise it's not the same TV. I told him we're tell mum and dad when they wake up.

I have a film club thing meeting on Monday so that something to look forward. I'm going to go now and read as fast as I can. See you lot next time.

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