Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Book Review: Season to Taste by Natalie Young

This is the best Cook Book I have ever read, though I can't follow any of the receipts without the risk of a life sentence.

Always let the meat rest under foil for at least ten minutes before carving...

Meet Lizzie Prain. Ordinary housewife. Fifty-something. Lives in a cottage in the woods, with her dog Rita. Likes cooking, avoids the neighbours. Runs a little business making cakes. No one has seen Lizzie's husband, Jacob, for a few days. That's because last Monday, on impulse, Lizzie caved in the back of his head with a spade. And if she's going to embark on the new life she feels she deserves after thirty years in Jacob's shadow, she needs to dispose of his body Her method appeals to all her practical instincts, though it's not for the faint hearted. Will Lizzie have the strength to follow it through?

 I really like this book. What's not to love about a book about a middle-age woman forcing herself to eat her husband in affect to get rid of the body. Before those without the taste for gore and horror leave, this is not what this is book about. It's more about relationships and being unsatisfied with life. While there is no  gory details, the idea of eating of a foot did sicken me a little but the feet of the living can be petty disgusting.

The book is formatted into three points of view, it is mostly a third person narration. We also have Lizzie notes to herself (though those are in second person) and the first person point of view of a neighbour boy. It really worked for a story and really enjoyed the notes.

 This is of course a character driven book with flashbacks. I didn't hate either Lizzie or her husband by end of the book which is weird since one murders the other.

Overall, I gave this book five out of five stars for undelivered cakes. I enjoyed the writing style and was an interesting idea and who doesn't want to escape to Glasgow.

I requested a this book off BookBridgr for Review and it is published by TinderPress.

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