Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Last E-Fan

It is hot here, annoyingly so. I'm sick of it. I spent most of today in bed refusing to move in the heat. It was actually cooler today than has been, so my room was hot but not too hot I had to flee it when I had the fan on.

My parents brought the last electric fan that was in CD yesterday, it's tiny so I remain to have the largest fan in the house which it probably a small-medium size one. For the record, I do not include giant industral size fans in this analyze if I did then, my fan would be small.

I went to that Film Club meeting thing. I'm playing a doctor, never be one but I can kid on to be one.  We going over the script on this week and then next we meant to film for 4 days. I don't know what else is going to go down. Something about a witch and evil dolls. Disappointingly, it is meant to be a sequel to the horror film they did last year. We see how it goes.

I've been walking today, I tried to run but my body just doesn't like running so I walked for over an hour which my dog loved. I'm going to do it almost everyday, along with the my trampolining. I still want to go back the 25 minutes every day, but it so impractical when you have to go someway on a long haul and I don't know what my routine is going to be like once I start college. Still no definite word on what happening there.

 See ya all next week, where things end when I get bored.

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