Saturday, 5 July 2014

In the Twilight Zone

I have started watching The Twilight Zone; I have seen the odd episode before from it being randomly on TV and watched a few online due to cult following. You're be surprised how many Twilight Zones have been referenced and parodied since it aired. I'm only through the seconded half of the first season and there are two that I've seen directly parodied. Also it clearly influenced a lot of stuff and  I really wished we had a modern version of the Twilight Zone.

What else has been going on you might wonder? Well, if you follow me on Twitter religious -which I highly doubt anyone does- you would know that I'm going to the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year. The tickets are brought and the hotels are booked. YAY! To be honest it's not as good as last year which was Graphic Novel themed. This year it sort of Future of Scotland themed and there always other stuff going on. I'm going for three days, I was initially going for 4 but do cost and actually willingness to get up that day. I'm getting up there by bus so it is a bit of a trek.

I'm going on the 9th, 17th and 24th August and basically going to all the YA events on those days. Getting to see some of my favourite writers, a lot of which you can find on this blog. It's not as good as last year for me as last year was graphic novel themed and it had the likes of Grant Morrison there. If I could go the same way as I can this year, I wouldn't have the ability to go to all the events I wanted to anyway. I have dragged two people into coming with me. Frankly, I would have went alone if I had to.

My life is all excitement right now, I even burnt things today, those things were dead parts of trees. I for once did not film as I have enough footage of fire and trees which I have only briefly displayed in a video book review.

I also broke my Book Buying Ban, I finally stopped my denial about it. Especially since I blatantly broke it again today. I don't want to talk about.
 I'm going to go now, probably to read, stare out at the stars and wonder when the book Fever will strike again which is only a matter of time in the Twilight Zones.

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