Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dream Panic Horror

I have odd dreams at lot, the one I had the other day was special in the case that told someone within the same dream about that odd dream. If you interesting it was basically it came to light that author Maureen Johnson's real name was Scarlet Lelia or another  name and people were really upset by this news for some reason. The moral is not story is not to scan Twitter before sleeping or you're dream about American writers.

Today I have to go up to my sister's for some reason today. The reason is meant to be we going to go see a show tomorrow, in the afternoon. I don't like sleeping over at my sister because her house is tiny and she has terrible taste in comfortable sleeping places. Seriously her couch has always been more comfortable than her spare bed has ever been.

I should be packing or something for it, instead I'm choosing to write to you lot. I'm not saying much of interesting am I?

College is still happening. Hopefully, the studying of Higher Psychology will be happening soon. I hand in forms for it this week. I only found out about the forms last week. I'm procrastinating from figuring a Common Sense explanation to look up. I don't believe in Common sense in terms of explaining things, but you should use it for how you behaviour. You know, don't walk into oncoming traffic and don't be a dick to strangers on the street.

I have also not finish writing my personal statement, but have had several panic session about it and some of it actually escape my head by vocal (screaming and speaking gibberish to my mum) and written (nonsense about stories and YouTube).

I got to leave like now and I don't have much else to say. I'm taking suggestions for future reviews and post ideas when I'm out of the country which will be in three weeks times. I'm looking for British Horror books because I'm in the mood for that. I'm always in the mood for that but I realised that I haven't read any horror in awhile. I want British because of the book challenge and somehow already in my possession.

Give me suggestion and I've got to go good day.

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