Saturday, 18 October 2014

Personal Hell.

I've been attempting really hard to write my personal statement. However, I have found this difficult when all the obvious openings are clichés. Not use the words "passionate" or "fascinate", nor use thesaurus to get better words. As a dyslexic person I can't promised to do the last one as I often use a thesaurus to figure out to spell the word I actually want. Also it unfair to assume just because I'm a young person that I don't have a large vocabulary especially as I'm applying to English courses. I should be well read and therefore have a large vocabulary; to be able to use words like copse in a sentences. Though, not should how that would come up in a personal statement but who knows, maybe I I find trees really inspiring. 

I had a free book came today. Thanks Curious Fox for the cook book, what a same I only make pancakes and sometimes cupcakes from the same mix.

I been practicing my theory test and it not going well. Nothing is. Actually I can pass the theory part, its the hazard part I'm trying to get through. I have passed a practiced version of it once but not since so annoying as I don't want to fail this and I have to have passed it before they're give me my grant for my lessons. I have less than a week to study it. Best to study hard then.

There is a lot stuff I have to do this week: finishf my personal statement; study for the theory test; write future posts and pack of course. I should also do some stuff for Sociology.

I went to editing session for the Horror film I help make during the summer. Didn't edit much, mostly it was just watching other mess with the sound. Saw the almost finished version of the film, a lot of stuff is been cut. Not completely sure what I think about it. There is lot of continuity errors. There is one scene that bugs because I'm sure we refilmed when that issue became apparent. Also I think one of the scares has sort of been ruined by the fact that it to be refilmed and doesn't have the same impact but that being said original filming was not great. Out of focus and had unbelievability facts.

I think with films there is something you have to let go off. Weird lighting is one of them. The guy got who organized got my name slightly wrong so it now a thing that going to be as many variation of my name as possible during the credits. I enjoy joke credits a lot. I had been tempted to suggest that the tripod get credit. I can't think of any others that I wouldn't be stealing from the Animaniacs' credit. My favourite is "Names: By Our parents".

I'm off to try and type my thoughts about films and books into something that will make someone want me on their course/university.

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