Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Book Review: Captive by A.J. Grainger

Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

I open my eyes. The cell is flooded with sunlight; the window is a slice of pale blue. Dust particles dance in the sparkling light, pirouetting in a golden line from the window to the opposite wall of the cell, where they seem to converge into shapes. It is like looking into a kaleidoscope.

Dad isn't here. No one is, but me.
Robyn Knollys-Green is an A-list celebrity, famous for being the daughter of one of the world's most powerful men. But not even the paparazzi can find her now.

Robyn begins to realise that she is trapped in a complicated web of global corruption and deceit - and that the strange, melancholy boy who has been tasked with guarding her might not be an enemy after all . . .

I think I might have requested this purely on it's title and cover, because I have no memory of reading the summary before I started reading the book. You shouldn't do that, most times you'll end up with something you don't like much. In this case I ended up with a book I have no strong feelings over.

This is mainly a romance, it feels sort of forced and it was pretty obvious going off the way Robyn describe him when she first sees him.  My nickname for her has became Romeo, because she is as about rational as he was. I felt nothing for the characters, in fact the most promising ones for me are the ones we see the littlest of.

Also Animal activist that harm their fellow animals, suck as human beings and animals. I think that took something away from the plot for me as I sort shut them down as characters. Also I found the whole thing unlikely, or everyone in this book is idiot. I mean the whole reason she is kidnapped is a bad idea because there is a history of it never working especially since I think Britain has no negotiation with terrorist policy.

In terms of plot, I felt it was dragged out bit, like there was 50 pages that felt so unnecessary and  were attempt to keep the action going but it ruined the book more for me. There are flashbacks in this book which I liked. Except, I feel like Romeo's reaction to what's happening in the present should be different based on what revealed by the flashbacks. She only reacts with the flashbacks in mind after the reader has read the experience, it doesn't match up fully.

 It was interesting to see a YA book that involving politics and corruption without it being a Dystopia.

Overall, I gave this book 2 and half stars out of 5 for bird calls. Even though what I have to say about this book is mostly negative, I actually have no strong feels towards which is why I decided to rate it exactly in the middle. I guess this book is for people who like forbidden romances and ain't knowledgeable on how to get away with crimes.

I got this book for review off NetGalley and it was published by Simon and Schuster UK last month (29th Janaury 2015).

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