Saturday, 21 February 2015

Short Story: Torment

I actually wrote this story this month (7th & 8th February) . Super short though, enjoy.


They ripped me away from my mother. I don't think I will ever see her again or any of my sisters. My captors told me that most of them are dead. I wonder when I will be next.

They've tried to give me sense of false freedom. They let me leave the house to wide arcs of countryside. It's too far too walk and I have no idea where I am to even attempt it.

Attacking them does nothing. I bite and scratch them but they often just laugh at me. They make me lie in bed with them, they fight amongst themselves about who gets me, physically pulling me away from each other.

I'm lying on a bed in the empty room upstairs, wanting some peace. I hear one of them on the stairs. I move to hide and the collar around my neck makes a noise. They might have not know I was here. I make it across the room as they walk to the room.

I'm in hiding in the corner of the room hoping that she doesn't see, behind a desk and a pile of junk. She walls into the room in the direction of the bed. She goes to look between the bedpost and the window. She turns around and makes eye contract with me. She walks towards me and I know I'm doomed for more torment. She pulls me up from the floor and I say the only thing I can.



This is based on my cat Glasgow, most of his sisters are indeed dead because sadly they were both ran over by cars. Though, Glasgow lives and fights constantly with his mother and his only living sister, I thought it work better with him being alone. This is very much based on those misleading Creepy Pastas as I'm certain cats don't think this way.

I really wasn't sure what to call this. Trapped seemed the best option but Torment seemed more fitting in the end. What do you think I should have called it?

On other News I broke the Laptop I was using and passed my theory test, this means I probably have start writing these post on my phone in full and that I can start taking driving lessons.

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