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Short Story: Demons in my Head

Haló guys, so this another edited repost story. I've read a through some of them, I have realised that I don't like all of them but I guess it shows growth or something to repost those one as well. Still I decided to post one I do sort of like this week's, not like growing proud of it through. I don't think I do the subject matter well, mainly because I did no research to do it properly. I've changed certain words, rewrote parts of a sentences, corrected the spellings, put in missing words and put in whole new sentences.

This story was originally written for a contest where I was to write something based off a image and the story had to contained a quote. I think it was given out at random, but I also did contests where you picked the image. It came third in the contest, which was called So Morbid, So Lovely which how I sometimes think of my self. Here the imagine and the quote so off we go:

  Quote:“You're Crazy!” he said. I rolled my eyes, “Please, we prefer the term 'Mentally Unstable'.”

 Demons in my Head

Four padded white walls, four legs on this bed, four straps on this straight jacket and four of people who ain't there. Being alone only makes them more here. I wish they hadn't left me alone with no defence against the demons in my head

I laugh as I run from him, he chasing me to receive his stolen ipod. I had slipped his earphones out of his ears and started running with ipod tightly gripped in my hand. He would have caught me by now if he hadn't been half a sleep. He had been the fastest runner at our old school and still could out run me easily. He makes a grab for my hand but I avoid him by a inch. I'm starting to get out of breath and won't be able to run for much longer where as he still trains to be the best.

I jump on the brick wall that only gets higher as it goes on, he doesn't join me. I continue to run until a tree branch blocks my path. If it had been winter I could have gotten through but summer leaves have formed a thick wall. I would be fine, I'm well above him now, anyway. He can't reach me. I stop and try to repay my oxygen debt. He just stands there, staring up at me with chocolate brown eyes.

“Give me my ipod, Beth,” he says in a strict voice, trying to look mad but his eyes are betraying him. He's clearly amused.

“What in it for me, hur? What are you going to do for me, Adam?” I say as I wave the ipod above him, just out of his reaching point. He goes to grab it but misses miserably. I laugh at him. “Not until you do something for me.”

“Fine, I'll kid on to be your boyfriend while your sister in town but for the record I still think it's a bad idea.”

“Thank you, Adam. You're the best. You can have your ipod back now. Here catch” I kid on to throw the ipod down but before lowing it down by it's earphones. Adam grabs his ipod and starts to head back.

“Ain't you forgetting something,”

“What?” He says without turning towards me.

“Me!” I jump from the wall on to his back. He wobbles but manages to stay up right, grabbing my legs. He can take my weight easier, but him dropping me is a likely possibility.

“How could I ever forget about you?” He says pulling my arms from his neck, I fall on to the ground. “Oh, wait I didn't.” He laughs at my unladylike like position on the pavement .

“Shut up and give me your hand,” He obeyed me and pulls me up a bit hard. I hit his chest. Suddenly, things become tense, strange, I move back slightly to look up at him. I notice his lips and have a urge that I've never had before. I kiss him and ran down the tree covered path.


I don't know what happen. How or why I'm here but then it comes back, compressing my chest. So that I can no longer breath. The only people I've seen are the doctors and nurses. My sister came once but never again, she won't be back for me. None of my friends have came to visit me but who wants to visit the home of the insane. The memories of what really happen, come and go as they please. I only have them for company now. I wish I was alone. I wish Adam was here.

”I'm in this with you,” Adam said reassuringly as he pushed me further into the room. I regret agreeing to this. I probably would have ran by now if Adam didn't keep stopping me. I didn't want to see my sister and her fabulous fiancée, Francis. I hadn't met him yet but I already hated him.

“It might not be that bad,” he says kissing my cheek. He been doing a lot of that recently but we've been avoiding my kiss. I feel slightly braver and I walk fully into the posh restaurants. I could never afford to eat here but my sister says she paying, so I'm ordering the most expensive thing on the menu.

“Over here, Bethany.” I've been spotted. I turn around to see my sister waving us over. I take my time walking over there, squeezing Adam hand too tightly.

“Hello Baby Sister,” She is 3 years older than me but acts like it a century.

“Hi,” I reply inaudible to anyone who isn't part bat. I feel unconformable around her now, we were close as kids but she got weird once she went into High school and was worst after the accident.

We sat and ate dinner, we talk about pointless things like Kate's career and her wedding. She never asked how I was or how long Adam and I had been dating. She wasn't interested in me, I hadn't figured out her motive for wanting to see me but it became clear during desert.

“Well, BB...”

“Stop calling me that,” I was not letting her still call me that. I wasn't a baby any more.

“Okay,” She smiled her fake smile, “As I was saying, I have other motives than just sisterly love for wanting to see you.” Knew it, “I was wondering if you would give us, the family rings?”

“Don't ask stupid question,” I said smiley and happily, “Of course I won't.” Her fake smile vanished.

“Why not? You're never going to get married. Come on, you're don't even have a real boyfriend. So Adam what did she do make you agree? Pay you.”

“She didn't do anything but be great girlfriend. We're not pretending,” I love Adam even more at this moment. Kate rolled her eye.

“Come on, just give me the rings.”

“No, mum left them to me, you got basically everything else but I got the rings and I'm keeping them.” I said firmly.

“Fine then, I give you the jewellery box for them,”

“You broke the jewellery box by flowing it down the stairs.”

“It was cheap and worthless,”

“It was Grandma's, everything isn't about money Kathleen.”

“Mum didn't love you,” That was it. I picked up the glass and didn't even think. The red wine landed on Kate's face and would stain her white thousand dollar dress which she had been so happy to tell us at the beginning of the dinner.

“You're Crazy!” She screamed. I rolled my eyes,
“Please, we prefer the term 'Mentally Unstable'.”

And those were our parting words, I didn't know at the time but it was soon to become true.
I was on the path of becoming unstable.

It started with catching things in the corner of my eye, to seeing dark figures everywhere. Hearing people call my name when I was alone to full conversions with people who had no face. Adam was the first to noticed it, he dragged me to the doctors. They give me pills but things only got worse. I started to blank out and lose hours, even whole days. I had no idea what I had done in these hours. I woke up once to find a dead cat on my kitchen table.

I was finally committed after I went to Kate's wedding and cover her dress with animal blood. She paid for me to “attend” the home of the crazy rich and insanely famous. I joke but it horrible. I've been left, I haven't got better but I haven't got worse. I still know that I'm crazy, that they're not real.
They are my only company and since I tried to escape this morning, I won't be seeing anyone else for a while. I don't remember. I apparently attack a grand. So I'm in padded cell and Ray is banging against my head.

He the worse out of them all, he whispers bad things in my ears. I'm petty sure he the one who does the bad things too. I'm ignoring him but my defences are becoming weaker instead of better. I don't think I can hold on much longer, They'll take over. The demons in my head will be out soon.

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