Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Book Review: Fire by Kate Cann

That's right continuing and finishing series in two weeks.

The evil is growing stronger...

 Rayne's countryside escape has proven to be anything but - the remote mansion house where she lives and works holds terrible secrets. 

Even the ghosts at Morton's Keep seem to be warning her that something is wrong. And then something happens - something so shocking Rayne knows she was right to be afraid...

This is the sequel to Possessed (which I reviewed last week), also has the alternative title of Consumed. This book takes a week after the events of the last book (;)). While I was excited and enjoyed read this book, it really add that much.

In terms of plot, it was more just an escalation of the first book's. At the root of things it the same with different cast of characters. I also saw the ending coming, though that was more due to the page count left. There was a bit more lore which was interesting.

Rayne's character develop in this book is good and realistic. Addressing the trust issues that she developed from what happened in the first book was nice to see. The relationships are well done.

Overall, I give this book 4/5 stars for pigeons. I liked this Duology a lot and would recommend to YA horror lovers. This is interesting settings with its folktales and traditions. Also this book technically takes place during Halloween so the right season for people who only read horror in October (I detest you, horror is all year genre). These covers being so pretty, I sort of wished I had brought the series instead of getting them from the library as I won't ever be able to justify buying them now.

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