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Short Story: Will you be my Valentine?

Haló, Happy Valentine's Day. It's my third favourite bloody holiday. This was a week of special and terrible days with Friday the 13th being yesterday. I believe 13 to be lucky and Fridays are great. Though, my family had bad luck on Thursday the 12th. Except I went to see All Time Low and You Me At Six that day. All time low was great, You me at six was a bit anti-cinematic. My sister and I both agreed that All time low should have played last. Also SECC Hydro's disabled seating upstairs is bad as the atmosphere does not carry. Chanting felt weird.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, I bring you the only seasonal story I ever posted on Mibba. I also attempted to do a sequel to do this, due to it performing so well but I lost the first attempt and the second got a bit out of character and hand.

Original summary: Anna and her best friend Violet are both dateless and are feeling very anti-valentine's day. So they decided to escape it, in the woods but Violet wants to do more than just walking.

Written for Valentine's Day Contest! and won third prize. (I always won third, always or nothing).

Will you be my Valentine?

"Will you be my Valentine?"

"Of course I will!" The main character of a show, whose plot had died many a series ago, screamed before jumping into her soon to be ex's arms.

I sigh and turn off the wretched TV.

"Hey! I was watching that," My best friend shouted particularly in my ear. She was sitting close enough to me that our hips were touching but the couch was a big two seater.

"Were you really?" I said with my eyebrow raised.

"Well, no but I might of been. You should of asked first"

"I'm sorry that I presumed that your brain was still functioning," I got off the couch and stretched my body.

"So if you don't want to watch TV, what do you want to do, my Valentine?" I rolled my eyes. It was Valentine's day and me and Violet were both left dateless.

"I don't really care. Just no more lovey dovey stuff."

" Well, we can't go out since every where is full with the love up masses and there is nothing on TV but lovey dovey stuff."

"I suppose we could go for a walk up in to the woods." I said turning to the window. It was still light outside but would be dark soon.

"Sure, may as well." Violet said as she leaped up from the couch."I just take my bra off."

"Why?" I shouted out of shock.

"So it be easier for you to feel me up in the woods". Violet said as she wiggle her eyebrows.

"Just because I'm Bi doesn't mean I'll have you," I said throwing a pillow at her. "Come on". I said dragging her outside by the hand.

"Wait, I need a jacket."

"Don't worry I'll keep you warm." I smirked.

"As long as you keep me innocent." She said laughing. Violet had lost her 'innocence' a long time ago to her first love Richy. I had hated that guy. I couldn't quite point out why.

We walked deep in to the forest and fooling around the whole time. By the time we decided to turn back, Violet had her bra over her top and was wearing mine on her head and clam to be Wonder Bra Women. My throat was hoarse from the laughing and the cold. I was starting to shiver.

"You were right, we should of brought jackets," I said as I moved closer to Violet to steal her body heat.

"Wonder Bra Women has no need for any other clothing than her trusty bras." She said in a deepen voice.

"I hate to break it to you, Wonder Bra but you're wearing a lot more than a bra." I giggled.

"Well, we need to change that." She said as she started to undo her jeans.

"What are you doing?" I said as she wiggle out her jeans and thrown them on a near by rock and was now removing her top and had lost the bra on her head.

"Turning into Wonder Bra Women" She laughed. I stared as she now wasonly in her underwear ran towards a big deep pond of mud that we had only barley manage to avoid early.

"Please don't, Violet." I shouted

"I don't know any Violet" She said as she took off her pants and her bra as well. I gulped. This was going too far but Violet didn't care that I could see her every inch of her beautiful body. We may joke around about me fancying her but in all truth there had been times when my mind had wandered. It was wrong to think about your best friend in that way.

Violet was now rolling about in the mud, it was almost deep enough for her to swim in. I didn't know what to do. I suddenly felt too hot when I had been freezing a second ago. This was so surreal if I didn't know any better I said this was wet dream or something. But it wasn't, Violet was really playing in the mud naked with me watching.

"Come on, Anna. The mud nice warm." She said flirtatiously. I gulped again. I picked up her clothes and walked towards her.

"Violet, this land may be private but someone still might see you." Violet's family own over two acer of the woodland.

"No one going to see us. My parents won't be home till Tuesday and we're the only ones that come up here anyway,"

"I still don't know about this I said," The nerves were becoming clear in my voice.

"Anna, you can either take off your clothes and come in here yourself or I'll do it." Her tone of voice was serious and I know she would keep to her word. I put her clothes on a rock and started taking my own off. She watch me with wide eyes. Was that lust in them? No, it couldn't be. Violet was straight, she would of told me if she wasn't. I was soon naked as the day I was born. I slowly slipped in to the mud. It was cold but I didn't care.

Violet pull me against her, I could feel every move she made. God, my stomach was filling with butterflies.

"Anna, how long have you know me."

"All my life," and before that. Our mums had became friends when they met at the doctors, getting a scan.

"And have you ever wanted to be more...than friends," Violets normal confidence was gone. She was avoiding my eyes. She did like me, all the jokes had been her way of finding out if I liked her back. God, this had to be a dream. Well, if it was then I should I enjoy it.

"We are more than friends," I said leaning towards her. "We're best friends" I splash her with the mud.

"What the hell, Anna!"

"That for making get in this cold mud and this is for making me warm." I said as wrapped my arms around her and kiss her softly on the lips. Violet deepen the kiss and was soon overwhelming me with passion. I had to pull away and catch my breath. I ginned at her.

"You know this is some guy fantasy. Two hot girls making out, naked in mud, deep in the woods." Violet smirked.

"I'm so glad our first kiss was some guy's wet dream." I said sarcastically.

"And some girls," Violet laugh as she splashed me.

"Oh, you're pay for that." said as splashed her back, starting of a mud battle.

After we had finished, every inch of us was covered in mud. We looked like mud nymphs or something. We got out of the mud and started wipe it off with our hands.

"I've still got something to ask you?" Violet said as wiped the mud of my back.


"Will you be my Valentine? Violet said almost seriously but the glint in her eyes betrayed her.

"Of Course I will," I screamed, leaping into Violets arms knocking her over, back into the mud. We laughed as we kissed. 

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