Saturday, 5 March 2016

Trapped by Books

Life has been calmly ciatic. I have a large list of things I have to do and as the others have a definite deadline. Of course, I often find myself doing nothing and just laying in the briss of stress building. I feel like I don't have a day off any more. I have to read stuff and write things for class while moving.

Put the reviewing stuff on top of that. I have no time to read the stuff I want to read. While I want to read the books I request for review, they feel like a tour and stress me out to get it done. This doesn't need put me in the best mood when reading them and I don't think they get a fair review. Basically, weekly book reviews have to stop for now. I have idea of how to replace them that would take less time while inflecting my opinions on to the world but I don't want to make promises.

Reviews are something I like doing. However, there have been a struggle to write recently. There also not a priority. I want to create my own stuff even if contains some of the issues I would criticise in a review. Though, first drafts are for mistakes and to be criticise by everyone.

To summarise the reviews will come when I have time and when they ready instead of wrote in a rush the night before or lied about when I posted them. There could be big gaps during this month as I am moving and therefore have no weekends.

I spent today moving stuff into the house and will spend tomorrow doing the same thing. I want to make the most of my education and do other career stuff. The weekly random posts still stand and I will continue to work on the novel. I am still working on it but there's not enough to make a chapter and I will at least post complete chapter even not having a full idea how our story will get to its last point.

I will write to next week with something. I might do writing prompts that can be completed in a hour if I'm working on the novel but it's not happy to show itself off.

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