Saturday, 15 June 2013

College and Illness

I'm ill, but I'm not really ill. Like I'm overly tired,  I just want to sleep everywhere. I've had this weird deep cough, it sounds worse than just normal slightly chocking cough but its not constant. I have had head aches. My body been achy again, like my arms have been playing up. It sometimes feel like the bone went numb.

This week I went to college two days straight: Monday, Tuesday. Now, I don't actually have any classes on Tuesday but I do on Wednesday. I was really going to go to college on Wednesday, but I slept through my alarm and couldn't move out of bed. Having missed my bus I had no way to get into college. Did the same on Thursday and finally making out of bed on Friday to go to the dentist (Fun Times, though my teeth are fine).

I have a chance not to fail this year and body like thats not happening. Here be sick, have random pain, don't be able to move in the morning. Sometimes I wake up quite early naturly but my body is like nope and then I wake up 3 clock like I did today.

My upper arms are aching so I find myself typing then stopping studdenly, but I'm commited to finished this post now even if its petty much filler. It just college stuff and being ill. Like I got something in the mail that counts as illness but I'm not sure whether to share it or not.

I'm going to the Doctor's on Tuesday to see about my whole Austisic muteness thing, to see about opinions or something. Also I'm to be seeing carer person so that something that happening.

I'm having such a hard times staying still to write this and my arms are being bad and so is my leg. Ar Fuck, seriously at lot out loud. Okay, that's all for this week, maybe I won't be in so much pain and have something more interesting to say next week as I will be done with college by then. Yay, Summer of nothingness! Bye.

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