Saturday, 1 June 2013

Thoughts of Summer and current Reading Slump

Without Doctor Who, Saturday has turned into just another day. If I was still at school then it wouldn't be so. Instead of just college which I unsuccessfully managed to get out of bed for. Speaking of depressing places of education, I rather looking forward to summer break. Expect this year I won't actually have a summer break because I'm not going to any form of education after summer.

I'm definitely not going to college next year as this course decision was mistake. Lesson don't do something just because it means you don't have to change location. Especially, if you've already had problems with similar subjects. Damn moodborads. 

 The main reason I want a summer break is that I want to reorganise my room: my bookshelves, my clothes location, my life.

I think the mess of my room as I keep thinking about how I wish I could just take care of it and still remains to be in this state no matter how many times I say I'll tidy it part of it tomorrow when I have time. I know I will eventually actually do it one of these "tomorrow"s but till then I procrastinate about whilst thinking. I know I'm actually more likely to do during a no set schedule time as I'll be able to do it in the middle of the night with the knowledge I can sleep the day away. The pain of being a night owl in world ran by people that like the sun.

I'm still having a hard time actually reading, I think might be that I'm not spending as much time on buses which I've got in the habit of doing most of my reading. I mean I was reading three books a week before I started college. Maybe it because I'm just not able to wander my books as easily anymore or I've just got to fond of lying in my bed whist pondering how "Remus Lupin and Sirius Black first started to have sexual encounters with each other" and many other such important matters.

I did actually only start reading on Thursday, the day that usually means no more college for that week. I suppose on Monday I randomly grabbed 'Cinder' by Marissa Meyer, a book I wasn't really in the mood for reading. I had thoughts of reading 'Warm Bodies' by

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