Saturday, 29 June 2013

Freedom to be Busy with things of my choising (Summer plans)

I'm rather tired at the moment, I went into Dumf (Home of Escaping) on the purpose of getting food out of Marks & Spencer to last me while my parents away next week. Very excitingly my sister and I will have the house to ourselves for a full week and since neither of us know how to drive we will basically won't be able to leave the house.

I also got a dress that's slightly too big and went to the Indian which was good. I'm almost tempted to end this post here instead of writing my tended stuff such as being finally done with college (at least for the summer) and now I can do all that stuff I've been despeaate to do but I have been putting off due to my college and feeling terrible. First plans are to tidy my room, reorganise my clothes and then my books. My room always needs tidying, I currently have limited access to my clothes and my bookcase have been buging for months due to read series not being together and them generally lukering about.

I'm also planning to catch up with my comic books as well as put a dent in my owned to be read list and do some creative stuff. Just basically all the stuff I've been wanting to do but have had to put off in favour of college.

I also have some big video plans that I'll discuss on my vlog/booktube channel tomorrow. I've recenty brought a memory card that allows me to film for over 160 minutes on it which is awesome and  bought a tripod this week. A big one thats taller than me, unlike the tiny one my mum brought off ebay.

Its not the fact it was off ebay that makes it bad, it just that literally too small have any practical use in filming videos. However, I think it makes a good stress relief toy so it might be good for editing.

With that note I leave you for bed where I'll have sweet dreams of book ideas.

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