Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Book Review: A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick

*coughs, begins to sing* "Blood. Blood. I gave you gallons of the stuff and it has never been enough." *bows*

'I've chased him for over twenty years, and across countless miles, and though often I was running, there have been many times when I could do nothing but sit and wait. Now I am only desperate for it to be finished.'

In 1944, just days after the liberation of Paris, Charles Jackson sees something horrific: a man, apparently drinking the blood of a murdered woman. Terrified, he does nothing, telling himself afterwards that worse things happen in wars.

Seven years later he returns to the city - and sees the same man dining in the company of a fascinating young woman. When they leave the restaurant, Charles decides to follow...

I have read a few of Sedgwick books, of course they are YA books but frankly that shouldn’t make a difference. Also Midwinterblood seems more like adult book than YA to me (it’s actually my favourite of his books I’ve read).  In terms of writing style, it’s the same. Sedgwick’s style has always been good and is that likability writer that doesn’t dumb down for kids/teens (there is some writer's where the writing just turns flat). That being said this novel; I did have to look up certain words to be sure of their meanings. He also leaves French unexplained sometimes, so either just guess or look up what it says if you’re like me who doesn’t understand French.

This book is kinda like a stroll. The pace is quite slow and steady even when more action like things are going on. The story is alright; unsurprisingly blood is featured a lot: actual blood, the idea of blood and most of the main characters are obsessed with blood one way or another. I like it. There is a bit of Europe trotting, end up in different and interesting parts of Europe such as Paris which people love for some reason.

The characters are okay. To be honest I don’t read Sedgwick for his characters (which I think I said in my last review of one his books), I think it is his weak point. There is interesting character development though. I just didn’t feel connected to any of them; they are all there for a purpose that they fulfil. 

Got to say that I really the cover. It's eye catching and has something to do with the actual book. 

Overall, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars for hemoglobin. It's a sound book. If you like Marcus Sedgwick other books then you probably like this. There is sex and swearing though (that's the adult part) so my 12 year old self would have found this tame.

I got this off Netgalley for a review. It’s being published by Mulholland Books on 27th March 2014.

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