Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Forgetive Note

I just realise that I forgot to talk about the Advise session I had last week, which was stupid of me considering how short last week's post was. I guess no damage done as I can obviously talk about it this time.

Petty standard stuff except for the fact that they negated to call out my course so everyone that was there for it missed the beginning of the talk thing about the college.Frankly, I don't know why there just didn't have a talk for each course since I know other people for that course had been there yesterday and there was another one right after us. The talk was the same as last time and boring.

We then had to wait ages for to be interviewed, our course really lucked out on that. Most of us were still waiting when the next Advise Session was meant to start. They said I was over qualification but I could get in if I want or just do the two highers. I kinda want to discuss it more with them. I'm not sure. I have to think about it. There sent me a weird email saying I have a conditional saying something about proof. I think that mean they want to see my SQA certificates as I forgot to bring them with me.

So the course thing I'm is a joke. Only one person got a placement this week and that was actually at the college canteen. The person running the course is joke. Her excuse was that she was sick last week but it was meant to be sort at least 3 weeks ago. She also claimed that I hadn't told her what I wanted to do. Lies. I filled out the form like everyone else. It very disappointing as it was one of the main reason I stayed on the course. Why couldn't I have got on the Springboard course?

Books came today. Got two more coming and that should be all the books that I have paid for coming in the mail. That all I really want to say this week. My reviews this week were done on the scape of my teeth and some might able to question the date I claim they appeared on this blog but oh well, I got them all read and reviewed this week. I see you in the next where I will be reviewing books that I have been out for a months (but not years) and probably bitching about something.

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