Saturday, 1 March 2014

Banning myself from the Internet

Back to college I went. It was actually quite good week as we had days of learning everyday We had health and safety and WorldHost which are both recognisable certificates. We meant to be having our work placement next week but we have yet to hear any thing about it. It's terrible, it one of the main reason I stayed on the course.

I need to save money. I need to save money for Florida. I have took the action of parent blocking myself from shopping website. I plan not to spend any money on anything else until I go to Florida except on Florida related stuff. I have brought too many books and other junk. I recently brought a PS3 off my sister for quite the sum. I have brought books that already this month. One day, it took me one day.

In an effect to make as awkward as possible, I have parent blocked myself from shopping websites. I do have the password. The point is to put as many barriers as possible in moments of extreme weakness. Remind myself why I'm not buying any books. Florida. I need money for Florida.

I'm off to chant to myself. Good day madames.

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