Saturday, 22 March 2014

Rocking in the Disabled Zone

I am going to see Fall Out Boy tonight. Awesome, no? Basically, this is a pre-wrote post because I'm probably in a car right now and realistically won't get to write this post on Saturday.

We're going to be in the seating, went through the disabled tickets. I'm not actually sure if there is actually a zone, but I would imagine there is because they have to have seats reserved for disabled people and can't actually sell them. My mum called up for concert that was meant to be sold out and got tickets because of this.

I kinda wished I could gone standing but then I would be by myself and I would have try to get right at the front anyway. We will actually be right at the front in the seating. Not sure that is good seating and not. Hopefully it will be because I imagine it probably be all the same seating and we going to see McBusted next month (Yeah, I am that cool). I'm meant to be going to the Hydro three times this year and it all for things that kinda broke up. Fall Out Boy obviously had their hiatus. Busted lost a band member (who is a proper example of a sold out). I'm also going to see the Still Game show, for those who don't know Still Game was a very popular show in Scotland and the people who made it fell out with each other. They agreed to live show to happen.

So I'm seeing all break-ups this year. I wanted to also go see Kids in Glass Houses as they are breaking up and doing one last tour but can't because it right before I leave for Florida.

Update on the saga of the non-existent placement. I was ill on Monday so couldn't make it to college, went in on Monday to a missing class. I was majorly fuck off by this point so I went outside to call my mum to rant (there is no reception in the actual college for some reason). I told her I was tempted to just walk it but she called them to find out where there were (I'm selective mute and hate interacting with people, especially when I'm annoyed). We told that we not to bug the reception about our classroom locations.

There were in the fucking library. They have no reason to be in the Library, they can't even get login on to the library computers. The course-runner actually like I should have been psychically able to tell or that it was a obvious place to find them. The CR was rude on the phone to my mum.

So I finally came face-to-face with the CR who lead preceded to lie to me like I was idiot. She tried to save the reason I didn't have a placement yet was because of my attendance. I've been off three times, all explained and were all together. I'm also not the only person who didn't have a placement. I told her that just wanted to quit now anyway because the course had mostly been a waste of time, her specific class being the main factor. It’s meant to be employability skills but she hasn't actually taught anything in weeks. She try say other people had benefit from it, using the idiot of the group. I know that mean thing to say, but she asks the most irrelevant questions and doesn't strand assignments even when they've been clearly explained.

She said if I stayed on the course I would she would get me a placement which she did, but not in hotel like I wanted. In a cafe that must be where everyone gets their work placement in the nearest town. I'm almost told to fuck herself then. I didn't because apparently social norms and that.

I'm technically still on the course but I'm refusing to do nothing. I'm not taking part in the Presentation or the charity event which the idiot is now running. My main problem with it is the quiz is that it's asking you to guess the name, the breed, and age of a rescue dog. There is probably no way to know his exact age or breed. The main reason I'm not taking part is that I might still quit so they should just prepare to do it without me. Also with the presentation thing, if I'm not allowed to say it been terrible then I'm not saying anything all.

I'm meant to be respectfully to them when they've nothing close to like that with me, just doesn't fly in my head especially as soon as this is over I'm having nothing to do with any of them and will be telling everyone I know not to go near them.

That all for this week, I'm off to see Fall Out Boy and sit through a meal that promises to be at least awkward. I'll probably tell you about it next week and hopefully have pictures- of the concert I mean.

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