Saturday, 15 March 2014

Reviewing-a-Thon (I have a scheme).

I currently have full months of reviews planned which is basically a good thing. I like planning and organising things. It's the execution of what I've planned that is the issue. For the past few weeks I've been having issues with getting my reviews out on their due dates. I'm kinda annoyed by this as there is actually no excuse for it.

That's not really my point but what you might find what write next a bit mad because of the above fact.

I have several books that got off NetGalley, some even years ago, that I have yet to scheduled review date  for and have no idea when I will review them as they're already out or they're coming in April and April's planned reviews are all basically books that are coming out on the 1st of May. I don't know but I got like 6 books that will the hit the shelves on that date. Frankly, I don't like it. I know I don't actually have to a review out before their released. Probably a week after their out would be fine or just soon after it been released.

However, I felt guilt doing that especially when I have had access to those books long before they came out.There is also this Statistic on the ratio of books that you've been aproved and sent feedback. My is siting at round 50% and I don't like it. The recommended is 80% and I would like mine to be 80% because I'm paroaid and don't like these books just waiting in Review Limbo.

I'm think of having a Review-a-thon of sorts during the week of 14th to 20th of April. I will post at least on review a day, except for Saturday because Saturdays are for me to spurt nonsense at you. This might be hella unrealistic but I'm going to try. There will definitely be extra reviews going up on this week. Sure, it might end up being 2 on Thrusday but that is deal with the problem anyway.

A video saying basically the same thing but different things as well will be appearing on Wednesday on my BookTube. Keep on alert for it.

For those interested in the Saga of the Placement. I do still not have a placement. In fact, I was made to go all the way into college (which is 2 hour bus ride there and back) just to do this. I was petty piss. I just because I don't have a job, does not mean I don't have better things to do than riding bus and messing about the college all day. My parents agreed to take me in as it was meant to be a 1pm start but if they hadn't I would have to had to get up at 6am, get at the college 10 to 9am, to nothing all day at the college. I probably would have snapped if that had been the case. She also sent someone to the wrong place which is baffling as the name of the places were completely different.

I've only got three weeks left of this course meaning my placement is seeming more and more unlikely. If I could I would only only go to the one day of interest rather than the day we do nothing. I guess bus rides do mean you have nothing better to do than read but then again there something appealing about just staring out the window.

I'm now off to read and kid on to be tidying my room. Books just seem more important at the moment than whether or not my junk is on display. Though, once I'm finished with the junk I can reorganise my bookcases.

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