Saturday, 5 April 2014

An Assiduous April (a planned one anyway).

Yes, I did use a thesaurus to get that title. I wanted alliteration in my title and 'busy' starts with a B. 'Active' might of worked but I don't like the connotations of that word; especially since something I'm going to be talking about is exercise and that not what I want you to take from the title. I suppose some would argue would be the more literate title because of it connotations of exercise. It also sounds like NHS scheme,  I actually think there is one called 'Active April'.

Now that spend a full paragraph explaining my word choice in the title of today's post, let me explain what I actually mean by it. I have a lot of stuff going on this April, all of them things I have decided I wanted to do this April (except one that only really gets busy in the last few days of April).

I already mention a few these already on here, such as the Review-a-thon which I have decided is definitely happening during 21st to the 27th due to the fact that I have a concert during the week I had planned and other family stuff might be happening. Also it will give me more time to read and write reviews meaning there will be more reviews. This is a good thing because I haven't finishing reading books for next Wednesday review. I have three days to do it. I managed it somehow, I've done it before.

I'm also doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I want to finish my novel and should be doable as I have figured out how I get the end. I've know how my book ended when I started this proper first draft at least. I've actually wrote the epilogue which I feel I might be too happy with. It took me years to figure it out how to join the middle to the climax of the novel, but it came to me from something I randomly wrote to add angst which gave me the idea for a later scene which is the scene I needed. It shouldn't be surprising that to progress with a story you have to write and not just lie in bed thinking about it.

I had about 36,000 words wrote so far so I gave myself the goal of 20,000 words. If I finish writing my novel before writing that many words, I shall move on to writing short stories as that is something I really liked doing and haven't done much of it. I kinda lost my creative writing vibe for a while which is sad, but it works.

So hopefully by the end of this month I have a complete first draft and few short stories. I'm so looking forward to getting my teeth into editing it. I know of a few issues already but I wanted to have a full draft before tackling them. If I know all the rough scenes I already have, then I know everything I need to add or should take out. I think it going to be too long so I'm petty sure I'm going have to take stuff out. I think the start might be too slow and too much going to take place
in the last 10,000 words. I worry about that at the time.

The most out of character and hardest challenge of the month is that I have started exercising.  One of those video programmes things that you do basically everyday for a few months. I have became rather unfit from doing nothing and my trampoline has mysteriously broke again. I want a six pack is what I'm actually trying to say. Frankly, I would be impressed if I managed a flat stomach. Packs are for people who care. I've gained weight so far but lost cm so hopefully it working and my muscle feel weird. I now own a sports Bra that is awesome because it has pockets and I want all bras to have pockets.

I'm also still doing Musical so dancing and singing at the same time. Last year we open in the last week of April but we opening (and closing) in May. I have three whole lines to remember so four hours, then six hours a week of doing that.

That all I got to say this week and since I'm rather busy, I'm now off to read, write and eat a tub of icecream. Kidding about that last one or am I? Find out next week (probably not).

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