Saturday, 26 April 2014

April Rain

With less than a week left in the month of April, I figure it's a good idea to go over what I actually managed to accomplished this month. The answer is not much.

My best laid schemes have went agley.Firstly,My novel writing stopped half way through the second week of the month and never started up. My blog post stopped being posted on time in any form either so writing of any kind did not happen the way it was supposed to.

The  Review-a-Thon never happen, but lets be honest that was always going to be a pipe dream. I think if I was going to do actual, successfully review-a-thon, I would need to have majority of the books I was going to review; read at the very least, reviews actually written before I announced my intention to do so. Probably not till after the summer, because maybe I go book mad when my book guilt finally catches up with me. I stare at my bookcase just thinking about it and my stats on Netgalley still bug me.

I broke my Book Ban, I should not be left in Waterstones by myself or any bookshop. I'm back on my ban with the strong intent and no plans to go anyway near any book selling shops any time soon. I must fight temptation.

I'm still behind on my TBR mount challenge, in fact even far behind as no books from the pile were read. The strangle is this doesn't bug me as much as it should.

My exercising has currently stopped due to illness and musical. I plan to restarted it once the musical is over.

I have also stopped making videos. Filmed videos at the start of the month and never got around to editing them. So my YouTube is saddly not active. I've stopped watching BookTube videos as well, just not been in the mood for them.

I'm going to go now before I think of more failures. Join me next time where I lament over the fact I'm almost 21 and doing nothing with my life.

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