Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sleeping is fun but wastefully.

Today was not productive in the sense that I stayed up to 5am just so I could exercise in peace, so by the time I had waken, taken a spin to town and finally sat down to do some writing of sorts it 6 a clock and then I feel asleep again. I woke up at eleven so it's a rush to get this out on time (that my story and I'm sticking to it).

My excuse is that I'm sick, also I have a messed up sleeping pattern. I had sore throat where I woke several days without the ability to speak which made rehearsal difficult. It then developed into a stuffed nose, left side of my face being achy, I can't hear well on that side and my deep, gut retching  sounding cough.

I got so many medicine sweets/things to unblocked your nose in my house that you think we raided the store. We didn't as I didn't feel up to it. Despite being ill, I have continued doing my exercise and have actually lost weight this month. 4.8 pounds so soon I will be skinny and people will worry about me. Yes, I make terrible jokes about serious issues. I love chocolate. It got easy doing it.

It also makes up a stressful time as I don't have room in my room do some of the exercise and therefore I have to scout the livingroom until it empty and then ten minutes in, someone walks in, letting the dogs in who lie in awkward places on the floor and try to lick my feet. The cats just stare at you and you have the distracting moment of realising that that there cat hiding under the table.

Camp NaNoWriMo was going okay, I wasn't hitting the target everyday but other days I was writing a thousand words so I was expecting to catch up, unfortunately I slowed down due to to be terrible at writing review.  I'm terrible as I struggle to think of anything to write when I'm dealing with it. I end up just throwing thoughts at them. I think perhaps I should stop requesting so many books which I've said before, probably.

The review-thon is definitely happening but I have so far done nothing in preparation which is something that going to change hopefully the next time I'm writing this.

That's all I can think to say to you this week, join me next time where I talk about McBusted because I'm seeing them on Thursday. I'm off to write a review that will make wonder if I have opinions of my own.


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