Sunday 13 November 2011

Goodbye Illustration, I'll miss you Art

I decided to quit Art, though I am yet to tell anyone. It strange, I am a creative person and I know I can draw something to true level of realism. Its just -I think I've been living in a fantasy world. Sure, art is what I've always want to do; when I left Primary, I truly thought I would be at Art school by now. Repeating school and messing up my exams have gotten me in this situation, I had no idea was coming. Illustration did seem like the right thing for me. My life is over This chapter of my book is over.

It too late for art, I have done nothing for it. I'm too slow, I don't show a work ethic and my health currently wouldn't allow it. I guess writing will have to my creative field.

Saturday 21 May 2011

Studying: The Procrastinator's Guild to failing

Haló, while I should be studying, I find myself doing everything but. I have even had thoughts about tiding my room. Heaven forbid. I've even started a blog to promote and practise my writing on.  Just shows what great student I am when I'm petty sure I've already failed my Higher English Exam and I'm book vamp (;)). I'm finding very hard to concentrate, so it a good thing I still have the rest of May before my Biology and Art Exams. It no big deal after all, just my future hanging in the balance.