Saturday 7 March 2015

Short Story: Things that Go Bump in Haunted Dance Halls

Haló friends, today I give you a short story wrote in a fit of not finish anything. This is a repost, but that statement is could apply to now. Someway out there is second chapter that wasn't very good. Maybe someday the dance hall will have dancing again but who knows?

Orginial Summery:  Leanna  follows someone she knows to be dead, something she had been warned against since she was born.

Things that Go Bump in Haunted Dance Halls

I walk slowly around the old building. I bite my lip. I was just asking for trouble. This was the sort of place that was full of them. With age, came history. It had a past and if it had a past, it had ghosts. For the age of this place, it didn't have many. To my knowledge, not a lot had happen in this old, abandoned dance hall. It had just went out business, like so many others that couldn't survive the hard times.

I turned the dusty, old corner to find the stairs that must lead to the main hall. I looked at hard them as if the weight of my staring would be the same as the weight they could physically hold. I didn't weigh that much and the stairs look to be made of solid wood. They would probably hold my weight. Probably would have to do.

I step carefully on to the first step. I waited a moment, holding my breathe before letting out a sigh of relief. I took this a good sign and began to ascend the stairs. I was at the corner platform when I saw him, standing at the top of the stairs. The dark beauty I had followed into the dance hall. I put my hand on to the banister. I smiled at him, he didn't respond.

“Haló” I said, making my smile bigger.

He smirked at me before turning around and walking away from me. I bite my lip, it was a nervous habit. I had never followed a ghost before, my mother would kill me if she ever found out. She had told me several times that it was dangerous. I never understood why and she refused to tell me. I should turn back now and get out of here.

I sighed and walked back down the stairs. Once I was at the bottom and I peak back. I saw him standing on the top step, he smiled at me. Inviting me to come towards him. I shook my head before walking quickly to the exit. I ran to back to store where I knew my mother would still be.


I smile as watch the girl run out the door. It was the first time that one of them had ever turned around, in all these years, hundreds of years. They had always followed me to their death. Maybe it was because of what she was. She was something different. Look in her eye said she knew I was too. I was going find out what. Yes, we'd be meeting again. I'm going to make sure of that.
♠ ♠ ♠
Orginial Author Note: Haló is Scots Gaelic for hello.

I wrote this story because I've have been having a hard time finishing stories. So I wrote this since I knew how it would end but it ended differently than I plan. I still like the concept. 

 Update: This is now has a sequel/is a prologue for a novel I'm writing for here. Read the first Chapter now.

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